Imperator-Class Map For Minecraft

On this map built two ships in full size with full interior: SS LEVIATHAN and SS VATERLAND. Inside these ships you’ll find everything you need to the holidaying tourist. And the bunk beds and restaurants and can also go down to the engine room(which in real life nobody will let you!)

Bern Minster Map For Minecraft

On map built a huge model of the Berne Cathedral. Experience this enchanting atmosphere of bright and sincere medieval Cathedral!The screenshots used two of the resource pack: Johnsmith (external view of the Cathedral) and Conquest (interior).

Pine island Map For Minecraft

This map is for survival – is a flat terrain with spruce forests and rivers where you need to survive. The first thing on the map, you need to chop wood and build himself a house, and then already to start to develop and produce necessary resources, by the way, there are a lot of
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Friendly Mountains Map For Minecraft

I represent to your attention the map titled Frindly Mountains. On this map, a gigantic space battles where you can have a great time with your friends. On the map will be located a small village which will be located near the giant mountains. Good luck with your game.