Faberzhe Palace Map For Minecraft

In deep water, is a valuable treasure! One of the best creations of the legendary dynasty Faberge – namely, a huge fortress rising from the sea bottom to the surface. That is, this map with many beautiful buildings, located in the water, one of which is called the author of “the Palace Faberge”.

Eluate Map For Minecraft

This is undoubtedly the largest and most ambitious project to date! This map is a large and beautiful building located directly on the ocean floor. The design and construction of this building took the author longer than a month!

Deep Sea Map For Minecraft

What if in the course of its development, our civilization will understand, that life under water is so much better? So this map, which is the underwater city of the future, shows how this might look. It is worth noting the beautiful architecture and detailed background.

Mirthala Map For Minecraft

Fantastic underwater settlement is located on this strange map! Not every day you see such a masterpiece – the underwater world. Just like under the water, and there is already involved the imagination of the map author, he will add very many sets for this map and made it flawless.