Blackstone Peaks Map For Minecraft

Install this map and explore the lovely and detailed Arctic wilderness, swept white with snow. You will find yourself in another world, where there is minimalism. In General, this map was created for the reading players of Minecraft the beauty of untouched nature.

The Mine Map For Minecraft

Horror map, the plot of which you play as a little girl. Need to be saved at any cost, and escape from the monsters and nightmares of the world. To start passing we’ll be in some strange prison, where no one, at first no one.

Brukenthal Map For Minecraft

On the map you will find a Transylvanian castle, the owner of which is a mystical and frightening the villagers, Lord. Judging by the architecture of the castle itself, the author drew inspiration from the old movie ’Van Helsing’.

Lights Out Map For Minecraft

The plot of this horror map, you play a young girl who decided to stay at home on winter break and left it without electricity. And first of all you will have is only a candle. If you reach the end of the map – you’ll be surprised…