Minecraft Maps 1.14.4, 1.14.3

Chunkhopper Map For Minecraft

On this map you will be able to show their best qualities – intelligence, dexterity, and of course parkour skills. This map is ideal for small servers, it is possible to organize a good contest, the winner of which can give a well-deserved prize.

Grief Map For Minecraft

On this map you will play for Frederick Mannings. Your daughter is unknown, lost somewhere, and you need to find her. You decide to look for her in an abandoned building. And like in all horror movies you know what will happen next…

Aqua Map For Minecraft

Located in a vacant lot, this house has a modern style, but absolutely does not stand out from the surrounding “greenery”. Installing this map in a single game, you will be able to settle in the new house and enjoy privacy and tranquillity as much as you want.

Skyblock Map For Minecraft

Another Amateur map in the style of Skyblock. This is one of the most famous and most challenging maps in the passage. And don’t forget to find the hidden enchanted table. That’s all the video walkthrough of this map, you can view on YouTube, there are many of them.