Minecraft Maps 1.15, 1.14.4

Slime Runner Map For Minecraft

I present to you a new level of parkour, I’m pretty sure you’ve never seen before! This is a Parkour map which uses the new “repulsive” features blocks of mucus. On the map you can play alone or over the network (up to 4 people).

Modern House Map For Minecraft

For all lovers of design and processing/refinement and design! This map with ready-made houses in a modern style, which are located close to the pool and tennis court. Pleasant and unobtrusive style map make you forget about the difficult everyday life.

Gravity Runner Map For Minecraft

Gravity again wants to play a cruel joke with you! This parkour map simple levels which are complicated by the fact that during the passage of the constantly changing gravity. Choose the right path and calculate the shift of the center of gravity, only then will you be able to pass this map.