Download Minecraft 1.6.1

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Download Minecraft 1.6.1
The release version of Minecraft 1.6.1. Added horses, carpets, new commands, fixed bugs and much more. Update to Minecraft 1.6.1 can be considered successful, because it pleased the players because of the interesting innovations that do not leave anyone indifferent.

What pleases this version? First new mob is a Horse. Which, in our opinion, it was high time to add, because it is a lot to do. For example, faster travel around the world, which is extremely useful for finding interesting places generation. To fight with the hostile mobs on horseback (dressed in her armor of course, not to lose a faithful companion). Of course with the help of donkeys can carry a lot more objects obtained during travels.


Download Minecraft 1.6.1
Download Minecraft 1.6.1
Download Minecraft 1.6.1

List of changes in Minecraft 1.6.1

    System resource packs instead of texture packs
      May contain:
    • Texture
    • Fonts
    • Sounds
    • The language file
  • End of support of Java 5 and PowerPC.
  • Update launcher.
  • The ability to update OpenGL without many errors.
  • Will be support of multiple file versions of the game simultaneously.
  • Automatic update of Lucera.
  • A new password storage system.
  • The ability to update existing and add new libraries.
  • More “user-friendly” interface.
  • The longer you spend in one place, the smarter mobs become, the better weapons they use, and the more they prey.
  • When damaged, zombies will call other zombies to help.
  • In the deserts there is no water.
  • In the Hellish fortresses will be generated chests.
  • Added a Sheaf of hay
  • Added Tag allowing you to rename mobs
  • Added Baked clay.
  • Added Painted clay (16 colors).
  • Added Coal block.
  • The new mobs.
  • The horses and donkeys.
  • Horse armor.
  • Attached Leash to maintain and tie mobs to fence
  • New music for the Lower world and the Region.
  • Removed Herobrine

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