Modern House Map For Minecraft

This will appeal to all lovers of careful processing and refinement in design! The map contains ready-made houses in a modern style, which are located next to the pool and tennis court. Pleasant and unobtrusive style of houses will make you forget about difficult everyday life.

Cube Block - Survival Map For Minecraft

This is a skyblock-style map where the player has to survive in a large 3D cube. As you can see, each face has a unique biome. You just need to stay alive and complete certain tasks. Collect all the valuable resources, build endless cobblestone generators, food farms and try not to fall down.

Waka Islands - Survival Map For Minecraft

A survival map with flying islands where you can find abandoned buildings and treasure chests. There are some secrets inside the islands and the player will have to visit all available places to get rare resources. Use all the features of vanilla mechanics to survive as long as possible.