Puzzle Minecraft Maps

Unfair TNT Map For Minecraft

You will find a specific obstacle course, the theme of which this time is the dynamics and everything connected with it. The map is completely covered with a variety of traps! This map will deceive you, anger and even harass you, until you turn off the minecraft.

Escape: Zelda Map For Minecraft

A new puzzle map from the famous player McTsts, here you and your friend will have to escape on their own and the Kingdom of Girle, a cult place from the popular game universe “Legend of Zelda”. You will find a really big map with several hidden places, as well as three thematic temples: fire,
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Portal Map For Minecraft

This map is a recreation of the game Portal in Minecraft and most importantly – without any modifications! It consists of nine cameras test, the escape and battle with GLaDOS. There is most of the basic mechanics of the game (portals, cargo cubes, energy balls, etc)