Puzzle Minecraft Maps

Think Map For Minecraft

Great map puzzle game where your player will have a to think carefully, to climb to the top of the proposed multi-storey stone towers. Good luck to you in this difficult test, and carefully, because if you fall you lose.

The Reservoir Map For Minecraft

Before you is a cool puzzle game in which you must pass as many as twelve tests in order to repair the reservoir. Each level will increase the amount of water that will allow you to go to the next level, but the flood current, so don’t forget about your favorite diving suit!

The Rage Tower Map For Minecraft

Addictive parkour map, it will be challenging, but yet fun test. In the process of passing you will not only jump but also to solve puzzles. In addition, you can enjoy the most different landscapes maps: from the innards of the computer, and right up to the sea depths.

Hollow Map For Minecraft

Before you perhaps the most unusual parkour challenge, in the gloomy style of the most mysterious of the upcoming holiday of Halloween. In addition to jumps of different difficulty, you have to solve challenging puzzles and find hidden objects.