Puzzle Minecraft Maps

Logic Co. Map For Minecraft

Falling asleep on your first working day, you Wake up from the very unpleasant sound of the closing door. Now you have to deal with everything in person, using only their logical skills, your task – to get out of his mysterious place of work.

Together Map For Minecraft

Together is a new network map for two players, the mission of which is to prove to you that one head is good, and two – even better. You and a friend will have to solve ten difficult puzzles that can not be solved alone.

The Heavenly Tower Map For Minecraft

Very cool and interesting map on which you, as the bravest researcher will go to conquer the huge thousand-year tower, where you are waiting for as many as 29 floors, filled with mysterious puzzles, and on the 30th floor you will have a brutal battle with the final boss.