Puzzle Minecraft Maps

Break Build Forever – Puzzle Map For Minecraft

This is an epic map with a bunch of different mechanics and almost 200 puzzles! The map is based on the most common actions, namely the placement and destruction of blocks, but this time everything becomes much more complicated than before. Everyone will be able to complete the map, but 100% completion can be a
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Excruciating Streams – Puzzle Map For Minecraft

Here is a rather complex maze map, of incredible proportions! You will be met by various large locations filled with countless turns, narrow passages and also dead ends. Are you ready to spend all your time completing this amazing and crazy map? If so, good luck. You will need it!

Break Build Reset – Puzzle Map For Minecraft

Test your spatial thinking with Break Build Reset – a puzzle map based on the most basic mechanics of Minecraft – placement and destruction of blocks! It’s quite difficult, but you can skip puzzles that you don’t like and you will have hints for more difficult levels! This map also has a point tracking system
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