Puzzle Minecraft Maps

Upwards Map For Minecraft

Here is a very interesting puzzle map, on which you have literally lost the ability to jump! Using quite complex mechanics, you must find a way to climb to reach the very top! There are only ten levels on this map. Upward is designed for a maximum of four players.

The Last Journey Map For Minecraft

On this map, you will have to go down into the depths and pass various tests in order to eventually gain the cherished freedom! There are six chapters on this map with parkour, logical puzzles and an exciting story that is told using images and sounds!

Sprint Lab Re-run Map For Minecraft

This map is a rather complex parkour mixed with fascinating puzzles! You enter an unusual laboratory, where someone leads you through many intriguing and very interesting levels that will test not only your dexterity, but also your thinking!

Unfair Copper Map For Minecraft

Get ready to experience real rage! Here you will need to use logic to pass all the levels invented by the author so as to prevent you from passing as much as possible! This map is intended only for a single game, good luck!

The lost egypt - Adventure, Puzzle Map For MC

The plot of The lost egypt 1.17.1-1.16.5 map is as follows: in 1603, a rather curious archaeologist, traveling along the famous Nile River, discovered unknown pyramids that had not been previously explored! Now your main goal is to find and activate the four levers scattered throughout the map.