Puzzle Minecraft Maps

Box Escape 2 Map For Minecraft

This time you will again find yourself in a well-designed trap, namely sharpened in a small “box” stuffed with a variety of puzzles. Your freedom will depend only on you this time, will you cope with a new portion of high-quality puzzles?

Portal Map Map For Minecraft

Hello everyone! And this is a new map by the famous puzzle game portal! You are waited for by improbable adventures in the spirit of the game of the same name, namely continuation of various tests of a Portal gun and many other things!

Temple of the Clevers Map For Minecraft

Puzzle map with its dynamic storyline and several possible endings. The plot of this map is as follows: walking in the jungle, your hero discovered an unknown ancient temple and decided to look inside. Whether he will be able to discover the mysterious secret of the temple, now depends only on your intelligence and dexterity.