Puzzle Minecraft Maps

Get Out #2 Map For Minecraft

But in this, the second part of the map-puzzle, you again find yourself in a huge cube, but this time you can get out immediately seven ways and, accordingly, the same number of endings waiting for you. The map will seem small if you know what to do, but for those who play for the
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Solve The Cube Map For Minecraft

The main character of this map is placed inside a huge cube, completely stuffed with a variety of blocks, objects and even mechanisms. Your task is obvious – to do everything to get out of it as soon as possible! With the passage you will need all your parkour skills, as well as knowledge of
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Grrany Map For Minecraft

This nice map on the passage, where you will find a lot of quality puzzles. Grrany does not repeat the original Game. This is done specifically to make it a little harder and more interesting to pass it! I hope you like this map! And by the way, this map uses one mod, Custom NPCs!