Puzzle Minecraft Maps

5x5 Map For Minecraft

Puzzle map, in which you have to deal with rooms 5 to 5, in total there will be 11. Each of them is a unique test, unlike the others. You are waiting for the flying of signs, disappearing blocks, various magic items, and much more.

Virtual Blocks Map For Minecraft

Virtual Blocks is a qualitative mix of parkour and a puzzle, where your world is just an ordinary simulation, and you have an object that can switch between this matrix and the real world. Total on the map there are thirty levels with increasing complexity.

Biome Up Map For Minecraft 1.13.2

Biome Up will take you on a fascinating journey through various biomes, dimensions and just remarkable places from which you need to get out thanks to the solutions of different tests, including: parkour, labyrinth, search button, Redstone scheme).

Light Robot Map For Minecraft

Interesting and colorful puzzle map in which you will need to help the robot to turn on all the available lamps. At each level, you will be a certain algorithm of action, which will act on the robot, which is completely subject to you.

Puzzle Wars Map For Minecraft

An interesting puzzle for one or more players. Here you will need to rotate the image to restore it. At the beginning of the game the player gets 15 lives, and for each mistake, the player will lose one life. The winner is the one who will be the last to live or the first
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Metaplex Map For Minecraft

This is a multi-genre map, the creation of which the author spent more than two years. It awaits parkour, survival, maze, dropper, logical test, the arena and the search button! And as an additional test-to find all the hidden Easter eggs.