PVP Minecraft Maps

Wacky Duels Map For Minecraft

PvP duel with a set of different game modes, including: classic, UHC, potion fight, sumo, celestial battles and even have a duel on the bows. Map for two players who want to improve their skills in online battles and just have fun.

Freezun Map For Minecraft

Large-scale PvP battle, which is a special interpretation of the game “freeze”. Players are divided into 2 teams, and one of them to win you need to freeze all opponents, and the other – to try to hold out until the end of time.

Claustrophobia Cube Map For Minecraft

This is a small cube measuring just 10x10x10 blocks carries four mini-games, among which: Parkour, where you must pass 10 randomly generated stages in less than 150 seconds; PVE arena where you need to kill 50 enemies; Quiz with 10 questions; Clicker that requires you to press 40 buttons in 70 seconds.

Milk Shake Map For Minecraft

This map will make you plunge into a crazy and addictive atmosphere. It will make you know what you are ready to go for to get a milkshake. You will have to travel to different locations, fight, investigate intricate crimes and solve puzzles.

Leatherface Map For Minecraft

PvP map for 2-4 people with a fairly simple concept! One of the participants takes on the role of a maniac and tries to kill everyone else, and the goal of the survivors is to collect all the necessary items and escape without getting caught by the maniac.