PVP Minecraft Maps

Awp lego 2 – PVP Map For Minecraft

On this map, the author tried to recreate the legendary map “awp_lego_2” from the popular game Counter Strike Global Offensive almost exactly to the smallest detail. And also, if you add textures to the lego pack, the map will become even more atmospheric!

Lost – PVP Map For Minecraft

This map is dedicated to atmospheric and beautiful abandoned factories! On this map, you can run through abandoned buildings that were placed in the style of CS:GO, as well as play various types of shootouts against your friends!

Chunk Fight – Minigame Map For Minecraft

At Chunk Fight, players will have to split into two teams in a fight on a map consisting of randomly generated chunks! After spawn, you will have a little time to prepare and craft, after which you will have to arrange battles to the last surviving team in an ever-shrinking space for the championship crown!

Coaltown TF2 – City Minecraft Map For Minecraft

This map is based on the famous PVE mode from the long-known game Team Fortress 2, like Mann Vs Machine. Namely, it was completely created according to the desert map for Coaltown beginners. There was a feeling of emptiness in the construction stage, and therefore, in order to remove this feeling, various interiors in houses
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Vertigo map – PVP Map For Minecraft

You, as always, appear in the lobby and choose which team you belong to (terrorists or special forces). You found yourself on an unfinished skyscraper with a huge crane! There are also non-functioning elevators, boxes with numerous loads and beams of various heights. Surrounded by a lot of skyscrapers!

CL_Agency map – PVP Map For Minecraft

You, as usual on these maps, appear in the lobby to choose a team (special forces or terrorists). The start of the level will be in a large skyscraper with many rooms, such as a bathroom, toilet, kitchen, cafe, meeting room, large hall and hall. There is even a room for workers! The rooms have
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DE_Overpass map – PVP Map For Minecraft

On this map, you appear in the lobby and choose a team (terrorists or special forces). On the map there is a playground, a fountain, houses, sewers, pipes, mini-warehouses, as well as a couple of trains and cranes. There are quite a few places for hiding. There are a lot of trees planted in this
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DE_Tuskan – PVP Map For Minecraft

This map is based on the popular Tuscan map from the CS:GO game. You appear in the lobby and choose who to play for (terrorist or special forces) and appear in the appropriate place on the map. There are a huge number of different houses and different buildings on the map (shops, sewers and much
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Munch Oddysee – Adventure Map For Minecraft

This map will tell you a fascinating story about two alien friends. Your alien friend was kidnapped to put various terrible experiments on him! Rescue your comrade from the captivity of the insidious enemy, and defeat their entire laboratory! Simple puzzles, bloody battles with various robots and three hours of fascinating exploration of alien lands
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