Castle Minecraft Maps

Eirenwald Castle Map For Minecraft

Amazing building, where you will find the castle beautiful Eisenwald and adjacent to it territory. This is a map where both the exterior and the interior of each building are worked out in detail. Its development took the author more than five months of work!

A Northen Temple from Skyrim Map For Minecraft

The author of this map is likely a very long time playing elder Scrolls Online and decided to recreate the famous temple located in Skyrim, right in his Minecraft! He turned out pretty nice building, located very high in the snowy mountains. And now you personally will be able to walk om without leaving minecraft!

Castle and Gladiator Arena Map For Minecraft

In this project, the author has built is unique and very colorful castle, and surrounded it quite interesting buildings, among which is the lighthouse, the harbour, the Church, the gladiatorial arena, the big tree and the airship. The construction of the Castle and Gladiator Arena map took about two weeks.