City Minecraft Maps

CloudHaven Map For Minecraft

What this map represents? It’s a huge flying ship, which after installation will be your “home”. The authors even have paid attention to the history of the emergence of this place. Initially this unit existed as a simple cargo ship. One day he got into a storm, lost…

LEM Castle Map For Minecraft

LEM Castle send players to the territory of the magnificent medieval town. This city was built by two teams of builders, and thanks to them you can plunge into the medieval atmosphere and enjoy the beautiful buildings, breathtaking in its realism.

The Ecocity Map For Minecraft

Really futuristic map for Minecraft, which first catches the eye with its style. The Ecocity is a high – tech city of the future, based on the ecology and protection of nature. In the centre of town is a huge statue, which adorns the city and as if protecting it.