City Minecraft Maps

The Ecocity Map For Minecraft

Really futuristic map for Minecraft, which first catches the eye with its style. The Ecocity is a high – tech city of the future, based on the ecology and protection of nature. In the centre of town is a huge statue, which adorns the city and as if protecting it.

Oddburch Map For Minecraft

The author of the maps offers you a glimpse into the life of the beautiful Northern villages, nestled among thick pine forests. It is very quiet and quite calm, just for those who are tired of gray days in a densely populated city.

FjellThorpe Map For Minecraft

If you are looking for a place to stay, we suggest that you visit FjellThorpe Park is dedicated to the Northern mountains, from which you will never want to leave! It has everything you need for relaxation, fishing and walks, a restaurant, a hotel and even a mining Museum.