City Minecraft Maps

Modern Mall Map For Minecraft

The author of this map has built an impressive and very realistic shopping center, which is equipped not only outside but also inside, it has a fully developed interior. Here you can shoot a video or play a variety of mini-games, all as you wish!

Capri Island Map For Minecraft

On this map, the author was not lazy and created a very accurate copy of the real island of Capri, which is part of the Italian province of Naples. On this island you will also find a small settlement, and on the other side of the island, at the rocky shore sailing.

Overgrowth Map For Minecraft

Detailed 3D art, which depicts a high-tech civilization, completely captured by the mysterious plant life form, with which they could not cope. To save the planet, the inhabitants had to burn the planet and start all over again.

Nuke New Map For Minecraft

Here, the author almost one-to-one recreated the Nuke map from CS:GO, which was updated this year. It took him four days to create this map and it looks good. You can use the map to fight with friends or just to record your game videos.

Bershire Map For Minecraft

On this map is a large, beautiful and very well-designed city with a developed and very diverse infrastructure, which was developed by the author for more than five years. By the way, this city is somewhat similar to London.