Minecraft Maps 1.13, 1.12.2

After the release of the game Minecraft people began to create their own maps. And this is natural, because it is boring to constantly play in the same world. The first card was simple – a small house, statues, etc. Over time, the functionality of the Minecraft expanded, and the opportunity to build really large maps with the plot.
To date, download maps for minecraft are free and in large quantity. We have the knowledge base contains only the best of them. If you love a large number of objects, then you need to download maps of the city. Challenge yourself by downloading the map for survival on some island.
We also have maps for the server on which you will be able to play with friends. If you love battle one on one, then you will approach PVP maps. In adventure maps you have a purpose. For example, you need to produce specific resources and deliver them to the right place. Such maps are also called quests.
Recently become increasingly popular parkour and RPG maps, which are very interesting mechanics of the game. Also many love cards with castles or challenging puzzles. In General, the site you will find maps for every taste.

Dome Survival Map For Minecraft

After a global disaster from our world there are only two pieces of land, now you have to try to survive on them, having at the disposal of a small amount of resources. On the map you can play with friends, it supports up to three people.

Granny Map For Minecraft

One of the most popular interpretations of the popular game Granny for your favorite minecraft, in which one of your players will be a terrible grandmother, and the other will be a victim and try to get out of the terrible house, without dying at the hands of the enemy!

Think Harder Map For Minecraft

The sequel of the map, called “Thing”, here as in the last map you need to climb up the mysterious stone tower, in parallel solving logic puzzles, but this time the puzzles will be much more and they will become even more difficult.

Minigames4Fun Map For Minecraft

This map is a set of cool online mini-games designed for 2-8 players, you will have such modes as: Skywars, Spleef, PvP, OITC, CTW. It is worth noting that it is completely Autonomous and does not require the installation of any add-ons and mods, everything is done in vanilla minecraft.

Wacky Duels Map For Minecraft

PvP duel with a set of different game modes, including: classic, UHC, potion fight, sumo, celestial battles and even have a duel on the bows. Map for two players who want to improve their skills in online battles and just have fun.