Minecraft Maps 1.18.1

After the release of the Minecraft 1.18 the Caves Cliffs Update players began to create their own Minecraft 1.18.1-1.17.1 maps. And this is natural, because it is boring to constantly play in the same world. The first map was simple – a small house, statues, etc. Over time, the functionality of the Minecraft expanded, and the opportunity to build really large maps with the plot.
To date, download maps for minecraft are free and in large quantity. We have the knowledge base contains only the best of them. If you love a large number of objects, then you need to download 1.17 maps of the city. Challenge yourself by downloading the map for survival on some island.
We also have maps for the server on which you will be able to play with friends. If you love battle one on one, then you will approach PVP maps. In adventure maps you have a purpose. For example, you need to produce specific resources and deliver them to the right place. Such maps are also called quests.
Recently become increasingly popular parkour and RPG Minecraft 1.18.1 Caves and Cliffs Update maps, which are very interesting mechanics of the game. Also many love cards with castles or challenging puzzles. In General, the site you will find maps for every taste.

Snowy Dream - Parkour Map For Minecraft

The story of this map is as follows: you fell asleep and found yourself in a terrible dream! You have to go through four different stages, which will not be quite colorful and bright, and sometimes even gloomy and very scary! You need to go ahead soon, otherwise you may not wake up anymore and
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Just Fight - PvP Arena Map For Minecraft

Here is an exciting PvP map where you and your friends can fight in four different locations in six unique modes! There are sixteen types of weapons available here, each of which gives its own advantage in battle! In addition, JustFight will also provide you with a customizable inventory system and death animation, five different
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AK Wayne Manor: Gotham: Revival - House Map MC

On this map you will find the famous Wayne Manor from the Arkham series of games, along with the equally famous superhero lair – Batpester! Explore the estate, as well as walk through recognizable locations from such famous games as Batman: Arkham Origins and Batman: Arkham City with a whole set of additional rooms!

Get OUT - Horror Map For Minecraft

On Get OUT 1.18.1-1.17.1 map, your goal will be to get out of a very dark and gloomy building infested with zombies! Along the way you will find many different weapons and provisions that will help you survive and kill as many walkers as possible!

Parkour Paradise 3 - Speedrun Map For Minecraft

Parkour Paradise 1.18.1-1.17.1 map is the third option from the popular parkour series, which traditionally offers players a real speedrun challenge. Moving forward through hundreds of exciting levels, the player will have to show not only dexterity, perseverance, but also wildness and hunger.

Golden Gorge - Minigame, PvP Map For Minecraft

Golden Gorge 1.18.1-1.17.1 is a pretty big map for as many as 16 people, which contains Western-style Hunger Games mini-games! Additionally, it also has dimensions of 300 blocks in length and width, and in scattered chests you can find very useful loot that can save your character’s life! Keep in mind that the boundaries of
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