Minecraft Maps 1.14, 1.13.1

Fast Jump! Map For Minecraft

Here is a fairly standard, but at the same time has its own special charm parkour map that will require you to all the basic knowledge of parkour and lightning reaction. A side mission will be collecting biscuits, you need to find them all 5 pieces.

Break Map For Minecraft

This is an amazing map inspired by Garry’s Mod. You will explore the mysterious floors, enjoying an incredible, beautiful and highly detailed work of author resource pack. The map takes almost 40 minutes to complete.

The SAVE Map For Minecraft

The SAVE is a very scary horror map, the plot of which your hero was alone in a terrible house, where he was trying to kill the spirits! You need to turn on all five generators, survive, and at the same time and find out what will happen next…

Ninja Warrior Parkour Map For Minecraft

The author of this map offers you to go through a difficult obstacle course, which is only a real ninja! It starts with simple and rather slow jumps, but gradually increasing in their complexity and speed. To play it even more fun, we advise you to call all your best friends on this map.