Minecraft Maps 1.20.2

Awp lego 2 – PVP Map For Minecraft

On this map, the author tried to recreate the legendary map “awp_lego_2” from the popular game Counter Strike Global Offensive almost exactly to the smallest detail. And also, if you add textures to the lego pack, the map will become even more atmospheric!

Lost – PVP Map For Minecraft

This map is dedicated to atmospheric and beautiful abandoned factories! On this map, you can run through abandoned buildings that were placed in the style of CS:GO, as well as play various types of shootouts against your friends!

Castlemania – Finding Map For Minecraft

Storm dangerous castles with real magic wands. Explore majestic landscapes where mystery lurks around every corner! Uncover the secret secrets that are stored in abandoned towers! On this map you will explore a really big world, as well as travel from castle to castle to collect all the wool! The map has a system of
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Chunk Fight – Minigame Map For Minecraft

At Chunk Fight, players will have to split into two teams in a fight on a map consisting of randomly generated chunks! After spawn, you will have a little time to prepare and craft, after which you will have to arrange battles to the last surviving team in an ever-shrinking space for the championship crown!