Minecraft Mods

Modifications for the latest version of Minecraft PC Java Edition. New Mods for the 1.19.4 Wild Update, 1.18.2 Caves and Cliffs Update and the 1.16 Nether Update. Here you can download for free the most popular weapon and guns mods, unique armor and tools, modern vehicles, inventory tweak mods, new adventure and survival biomes with mobs. Make the game more interesting, it is necessary to Download mods for Minecraft 1.19.4. This is done absolutely for free.
From the total mass of modifications for Minecraft, you can select the Forge or a Fabric, which is required for all other addons. In addition, we suggest you to download other support applications programs, as well as mods for crafting new items or make useful inventory tweaks.
It can be divided into two categories: global and local. We advise you to pay attention to industrial and construction mods, as well as those that add new worlds, military or city vehicles, guns, equipment, etc.

Structory Towers - Adventure Mod For Minecraft 1.20, 1.19.4

Structory Towers 1.20-1.19.4 is a very high-quality modification that contains a huge number of plot features for various custom structures. Now the player will be able to find out in more detail what happened in a particular place in the game world. This is a very unusual way to diversify your adventures.

BlazeandCave's Advancements Data Pack MC 1.20, 1.19.4

BlazeandCave’s Advancements 1.20-1.19.2 is the most advanced datapack that contains more than 700 unique achievements and more than 200 challenges. Each custom achievement is well thought out so that you can play in a completely unique style, for example, perform achievement and get different prizes with rewards that will be useful for performing subsequent challenges.

Enhanced AI Mod For Minecraft 1.19.4, 1.16.5

This modification will replace the intelligence of some monsters, making them much smarter and more deadly! Now the game will become much more interesting and just one of your mistakes can be fatal! Zombies will be able to destroy blocks, skeletons will shoot more accurately and further, and creepers will walk during detonation!