Cuisine Mod For Minecraft 1.12.2

Cuisine-modification for cooking and gastronomy, which will make the process of cooking not only more realistic, but also a truly aesthetically pleasing. Modification offers you new ways of cooking, in which you can combine a variety of ingredients.

Kamen Rider Craft Mod For Minecraft 1.12.2

This modification is devoted to the popular Japanese series stone Rider, in which the heroes of the riders fighting evil. In your world there will be elements from different eras of this series, and you will find special items, weapons, as well as various costumes that add effects.

Halloween Night Map For Minecraft

Very interesting and addictive parkour map that is devoted to the nightmare of the night before all saints ‘ day, namely, to Halloween. During all 10-20 minutes of the game, you can fully test your skills jumping on the “pumpkin” obstacle course.