Finding Minecraft Maps

Archangel's Fall - Adventure Map For Minecraft

Archangel’s Fall is an interesting CTM map in which you have to collect all 12 disks. On this map you will explore the open world, which consists of three islands, fighting all kinds of monsters, such as zombies, vampires and even werewolves. You will see castles, cemeteries, cathedrals, observatories and even hell!

Entropy - RPG, Finding Map For Minecraft

Entropy invites you to explore a truly gigantic dark world and feel the fascinating story! This map is inspired by games such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Entropy focuses on providing dark aesthetics and monumental buildings along with high-quality gameplay! Also, this map contains a special resource package that will require you to install Optifine.
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Totality - Adventure Map For Minecraft 1.19

This is a science fiction adventure map. Its gameplay draws inspiration from the maps of the popular genre “Complete the Monument”! The story of this map is as follows: you have made an emergency landing in an ancient city inhabited by rather talkative robots, your only hope of escape is to find all four ancient
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Find the Rainbow - Finding, Puzzle Map For MC 1.19

Find the Rainbow 1.19-1.18.2 is a classic map in the popular genre of Find the button, where you as a detective must find a real rainbow! You will find seven multi-colored levels, each of which corresponds to a certain color of the lost rainbow. Collect colored blocks, find buttons, and create your own rainbow!

Seasonal Skies - CTM Map For Minecraft 1.19

Seasonal Skies 1.19-1.18.2 map is made in the popular genre of “collect the monument”, where you have to go to explore the islands in search of the coveted disks! And during this dangerous journey, you will have to look for different loot for survival and fight with hordes of monsters!