Finding Minecraft Maps

Xiphias Map For Minecraft

Map, which is created in the genre of “collect monument”. It will offer you great adventures on the territory of three special worlds. Each of which will have its own mechanics, limited resources and slightly modified crafting recipes.

Button Boost Map For Minecraft

An interesting 10-level test awaits you on this map, in it you need to find the button, but this time, clicking on it you will not immediately get to the next level, and get a temporary jump boost that will help you “jump” to the next test.

Nature Map For Minecraft

A small, but very complex map in the popular genre of “collect monument”! The Nature map you will need to complete in “hardcore” mode. Be patient, try to find all the elements, but remember, if you die, you will start the map from the beginning.

Mystery Map For Minecraft

Mysterious map, with a whole set of different tests, which include such as: parkour, find the button, the maze and even dropper. Each level consists of two parts with complicated tasks, sometimes you can meet levels combining several styles at the same time.