Finding Minecraft Maps

Help Map For Minecraft

Your hero lived a quiet and relaxed life in a small village house, but at one point the border of your world began to narrow rapidly, and now you have to help the hero and all the villagers to perform their tasks and find the coveted button to stop the impending deadly disaster.

Absolution 2.0 Map For Minecraft

Very interesting map with 7 a bit complex tests. Your main story consists of finding 6 goals from one of the creators of the same map, but to pass to the final drink, you will need to try more! It is necessary for the full completion of this map.

TNT Map For Minecraft

TNT-really difficult map in the genre of “collect the monument”, which is held exclusively in hardcore mode! Try to survive without breaking the rules and collect all the blocks of wool you need. We advise you to make a copy of this map, because after the death of the player, it will simply be removed.