Finding Minecraft Maps

The Lure of the Buttons - Puzzle Map For Minecraft

The Lure of the Buttons 1.17-1.16.5 map contains several genres of gameplay at once, but the main thing in which will be “Find the button”! You will have to find hidden buttons in five stages, while gradually opening secret rooms, demonstrating your skills in parkour, as well as solving various puzzles!

Christmas Chaos - CTM Map For Minecraft

Christmas Chaos 1.17-1.16.4 is a map in the popular genre “collect a monument” with a length of 2-3 hours. Here you will need to find all six blocks of wool + one bonus, all of them are necessary for the new blouse of Mrs. Claus!

Paper's Parkour - Finding Map For Minecraft

On the Paper’s Parkour 1.17-1.16.4 map, your task is not only to pass the main part of the tests, but also to find twenty-three hidden emeralds! You are waiting for four thematic and gradually more complex levels that will be interesting for both beginners and professionals in parkour!