Horror Minecraft Maps

What We Lost – Adventure Map For Minecraft

Here is an interesting Survival-Horror map. The story begins with the fact that the disease is spreading throughout the country, and you run away with your pregnant wife and brother, but his wife is injured and taken to another camp! You have to find your wife and daughter on your own. You have to survive,
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DOOMED: Demons of the Nether – Horror Map For MC

DOOMED: Demons of the nether is a high-quality map based on the DOOM games! Try on the famous Executioner of Doom costume and shred mobs from an extensive arsenal of guns. Epic battles in the spirit of old games, a bit of parkour and even puzzles, as well as huge bosses are waiting for you!

Mario 85 pc port – Horror Map For Minecraft

This is a very unique horror map with a mystical plot. Here the player will visit Mario’s place, but you will need to learn more to understand what is happening here. Each level has its own unique puzzles and horror stories, so fans of horror gameplay will definitely like it.

Final Hour – Horror Map For Minecraft

In this map, you play the role of a policeman named Vincent, who returns to the police station late at night after a long and hectic day. While working at the station, the most strange events occur! You constantly feel that you are being watched, and gradually begin to realize that perhaps you are not
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Ghost behind – Horror Map For Minecraft

This is a very dark and scary horror map where you find yourself in a hospital and have to find a way out of it yourself, but it will not be so easy! There is a mysterious ghost walking around in this hospital that will scare you until you find a way out!

Get OUT - Horror Map For Minecraft

On Get OUT 1.20-1.19.4 map, your goal will be to get out of a very dark and gloomy building infested with zombies! Along the way you will find many different weapons and provisions that will help you survive and kill as many walkers as possible!