Horror Minecraft Maps

Blood Manor Map For Minecraft

Very cool horror map, the plot of which you received information that the old mansion snuck intruders. And you, as a former police officer decide to deal with it, but everything went wrong, and now you have to fight for their own lives, learning the secrets of this bloody mansion.

Enceladus Map For Minecraft

You go to a terrible space mission to Enceladus to find out what happened to the special team and guess why the connection between the Earth and the satellite has disappeared. In this cool and atmospheric horror map every detail will be important, so try to be more careful.

Imprisonment Map For Minecraft

A map called Imprisonment will immerse you in a slightly unsettling atmosphere of horror, and in doing so forces you to solve puzzles and search for well-hidden secrets throughout the map. The map is available as much as four endings, which will depend on your decisions.

Pumpkin Heads Map For Minecraft

Horror map, in which you dream a nightmare where you were in an old, terrible hospital, and you begin to hunt the characters with pumpkins on his head. Break away from your pursuers! In this map, three versions of the ending, I wonder what will get it for you?