Horror Minecraft Maps

Granny's Ghost Map For Minecraft

This map is another interesting interpretation of the famous horror game, where you need to escape from the house of his native grandmother. But this would be extremely easy, you have to walk through the dark corridors of the house in search of various items needed to escape.

Resident Evil 2 Map For Minecraft

The continuation of the story that took place on the outskirts of raccoon city. As it turned out, the disaster was caused by a mutagenic t-virus created by a dangerous company Umbrella. And now you have to go back to the same place teeming with mutants who want to eat you.

Resident Evil Map For Minecraft

In the story of Resident Evil you will explore the mysterious disappearance of the group “Bravo”. “Bravo” was recently sent to an operation in the city, where there were very frequent cases of attacks on large families, and apparently all the victims were already eaten…