Horror Minecraft Maps

Darken - Horror Map For Minecraft

Darken 1.16-1.15.2 – in the story of this horror map, your hero decided to go to a mysterious mansion. After he stepped on the threshold of this sinister house, the door closed, and now your task will be to unravel what is happening in the house and try to get out of it!

All FNAF Locations - Horror Map For Minecraft

All FNAF Locations 1.16-1.15.2 this map contains a built-in locations from the popular 5 nights with Freddy horror. This map contains many game locations, including more different versions of the game. You will be able to walk around the Fazura pizzeria, cafes, different homes, as well as at the factory.

Insanity - Horror Map For Minecraft

Insanity 1.16-1.15.2 map is about: waking up on Saturday night from a knock on the door, you decided to check who it was, but soon realize that you just should not have done it! This horror map will test not only your resistance to fear, but also the ability to solve various puzzles, defeat enemies
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