Horror Minecraft Maps

HOME 2 Map For Minecraft

Here is a very interesting map with an exciting and very frightening story: you have returned to your home, but someone has already been here before you. Your goal is to know the truth and only in this way you will be able to understand the plot HOME.

The Abyss Map For Minecraft

The Abyss-horror map, where you will find yourself in the role of a real military, who was sent on a secret mission. During the flight to the landing site, your helicopter crashes, and after this disaster you have to fight for their lives.

Horror map "HOME" Map For Minecraft

This is an interesting map with a thoughtful story: you moved into a new house and began to notice that something in this house is wrong, strange things began to happen here. Do not forget this map with Horror elements. Your task – to look for the keys, open the door, pass the test.

Scream I Map For Minecraft

In this map you will encounter a truly terrible killer from the popular movie Scream, who chose you as his new victim! Throughout the passage, you will experience a real fear. Will you be able to cope with your fear and escape from the killer?