Minigame Minecraft Maps

Slime Walls Map For Minecraft

This is an exciting mini-game in which you need to dodge the oncoming slime walls! Set your own records and beat your friends! This map supports multiplayer for an unlimited number of players! There will also be an additional SuperStar game mode available, which includes various random events that turn the game into a fun
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Random rush team Map For Minecraft

This map is a competitive team mini-game where you have to kill all the opponents! Each player has three lives! Teams appear on separate islands in opposite corners of the map and after the start of the game, absolutely random items drop out to everyone every ten seconds! Please note that this map is disposable,
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Mission Duty - Minigames Map For Minecraft

Inside the Mission Duty 1.17.1-1.16.5 map you will find twenty-seven unique missions inspired by the popular GTA 5 game. Among them you will find the following categories of missions: rob a bank, compete on elytra flight, defend your base from enemies and many more other mini-games.

The Legend of Alex - Adventure Map For Minecraft

The Legend of Alex 1.17-1.16.5 is a mini-game in two-dimensional format that will appeal to all fans of old games! It is inspired by the popular “Legend of Zelda” universe. Going on a long journey, your hero will have to find the legendary sword, defeat Hirobrine and even save Princess Alex!