Minigame Minecraft Maps

Tix.Tax Map For Minecraft

The map is from a popular developer, in which he suffered in minecraft beloved game Tix.Tax-a more advanced version of TIC-TAC-toe. You have the opportunity to test your logic and attentiveness! Challenge your friends in this new mini-game!

MineFall Map For Minecraft

On this map, your main goal will be to throw off his friend outside the arena provided. You will be presented with five themed arenas with a variety of styles, such as: Halloween, Prison, etc. Soon will also be released and the second part of the map, which will be even more arenas, customization and
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The 100 levels Map For Minecraft

Here is not just an adventure map, and the map, which consists of hundreds of levels, where there is absolutely everything you need for entertainment: a thoughtful story, a set of mini-games, secrets, Easter eggs and even bonuses, can you find them all?

Gamehub Map For Minecraft

Multiplayer map, where all participants will be on a large flying island and will be able to have fun very well, because the author offers a choice of nine mini-games, including lava floor, digging diamonds and even falling anvils.