Minigame Minecraft Maps

Redstone Pong! Map For Minecraft

On that map you will be able to solo or play with a friend in a famous arcade game Pong computer game ping pong. The author of this map made a very crazy act and created a real pong on Redstone schemes, he also added a score counter and even the size of the “rackets”.

Equipment Roast Map For Minecraft

Simple but interesting mini-game. Here you will play as an employee of the incinerator. You have to use a fishing rod to get dynamite from the conveyor, as well as valuable items that you will surely take yourself, as a reward for a very thankless work.

The Trolling Machine Map For Minecraft

Cool mini-game where you have to survive on the platform, which is constantly collapsing disaster, among them: falling blocks, lightning strikes, or appear hostile mobs. The test consists of nine different platforms and an infinite number of rounds, so you can play it for a very long time!