Minigame Minecraft Maps

Break Up! Map For Minecraft

How well do you know your favorite minecraft? Let’s check it out now! At each level of this test you will be offered seven pairs of items at the same time – your task is quite simple – to find three of them that do not fit.

Country Club Map For Minecraft

On this map you will find a great Golf club, a huge area which can be a place for you to relax and measured restorand place for business and social meetings. To play Golf, the author offers instead of clubs and swords to use a regular bow and arrow.

Life Or Death Map For Minecraft

Cool Pvp map where one player becomes the murderer, and the rest of the players surviving. The task of these players is to repair three generators, and then escape through one of the two provided doors. The killer has to deal with the victims before they get out.

Maverick Map For Minecraft

In this map, you will need to select all the extra blocks from the provided set, but this will not be easy, many of the tasks are not obvious and you will have to think about the answer. In total there will be three levels of difficulty, which are divided into stages.