Minigame Minecraft Maps

Chunk Fight – Minigame Map For Minecraft

At Chunk Fight, players will have to split into two teams in a fight on a map consisting of randomly generated chunks! After spawn, you will have a little time to prepare and craft, after which you will have to arrange battles to the last surviving team in an ever-shrinking space for the championship crown!

Winged – Minigame Map For Minecraft

Take a plane and embark on an exciting flight in the cartoon tropical sky, fighting for the place of an experienced aviator! Compete with your best friends, trying to collect as many coins as possible by shooting down other planes and destroying various buildings.

Flappy bird – Minigame Map For Minecraft

Have you ever wanted to play Flappy bird, right in your favorite minecraft? If yes, then you can safely download this map and start playing both solo and together with your best friends! This game is very simple. Just press “SPACE” and try not to crash into the pipes.