Minigame Minecraft Maps

Dartboard Map For Minecraft

The map is designed to move to minecraft Darts – a game where the player needs a dart to hit the target. You will be available just four game modes that you can play alone or with your friends. For sight and shooting will be a special mode, first you aim horizontally, then vertically, and
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Monster Invaders Map For Minecraft

An interesting mini-game where a large dark field you will be approaching the crowd of monsters, and you have to destroy them with your weapons – a bow. On the map there are seven levels of difficulty and shops where you can buy an upgrade of weapons and even equipment and rewards.

Bombs Away! Map For Minecraft

An interesting mini-game for 2-4 participants, in which you will equip your own island, and then take turns trying to destroy what all your rivals have built, but with the help of a dynamite gun. And remember to break – not to build!