House Minecraft Maps

Hi-Tech House Map For Minecraft 1.19

This map shows a modern house with a large swimming pool inside, the house itself adheres to the Hi-Tech style! There is also a garage and a white Jeep near the house. Inside the house is furnished with a rather unusual decor, there is a kitchen, a bedroom and a guest room!

AK Wayne Manor: Gotham: Revival - House Map MC 1.19

On this map you will find the famous Wayne Manor from the Arkham series of games, along with the equally famous superhero lair – Batpester! Explore the estate, as well as walk through recognizable locations from such famous games as Batman: Arkham Origins and Batman: Arkham City with a whole set of additional rooms!

Royal Mansion Map For Minecraft 1.19

On the Royal Mansion 1.19-1.18.2 map, you will find yourself next to a large palace, which is surrounded by plants, as well as beautiful swings and pipes! The palace itself has a large aquarium, a bathroom, a bedroom and other rooms! There is also a fountain and many paths with beautiful plants on the territory!

Hobbit Hole House Map For Minecraft 1.19

On the Hole House 1.19-1.18.2 map, you will be able to live in the legendary hobbit house that you may have noticed in one of the most popular universes of the Lord of the Rings! In addition to the most cozy interior, you will get a very beautiful garden next to the entrance!