House Minecraft Maps

The Montauk Project – House Map For Minecraft

The Montauk Project is a popular conspiracy theory according to which the US government allegedly conducted a number of experiments on the creation of psychological weapons, as well as exotic research, including time travel, teleportation and even the mental creation of objects at the Montauk Air Force Base in Long Island (New York)! The author
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Spacious House Map For Minecraft

This is a very spacious map with a house and a fully equipped area around it. In the enclosed area there is an artificially made river, and a bridge passing through it. This house may be suitable for survival (because it was built in the ordinary world) and to copy this building into your own
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Hi-Tech House Map For Minecraft

This map shows a modern house with a large swimming pool inside, the house itself adheres to the Hi-Tech style! There is also a garage and a white Jeep near the house. Inside the house is furnished with a rather unusual decor, there is a kitchen, a bedroom and a guest room!

Huge Suburban Mansion Map For Minecraft

Here you will find a huge suburban mansion in which you can survive or just admire it. The mansion, measuring 100 by 100 blocks, has twenty rooms, two balconies and even a luxurious pool with a waterfall. You will definitely not be bored in it!

AK Wayne Manor: Gotham: Revival - House Map MC

On this map you will find the famous Wayne Manor from the Arkham series of games, along with the equally famous superhero lair – Batpester! Explore the estate, as well as walk through recognizable locations from such famous games as Batman: Arkham Origins and Batman: Arkham City with a whole set of additional rooms!