Survival Minecraft Maps

Floating Planets Survival Map For Minecraft

Floating Planets 1.18.1-1.17.1 is a cool skyblock map with over 70 islands to explore! Your adventure will almost never end. Go straight to the underworld, go to the end and discover the lost island! Here the player will visit micro islands with biomes from plains to deserts.

One Chest Survival Map For Minecraft

One Chest Survival 1.18.1-1.17.1 is quite a skyblock-style challenge that will be built around the concept of a single infinite chest. This will be filled with new items every time you take out the old ones! Try to hold out as long as possible without falling down.

Random SkyBlock Island - Surv Map For Minecraft

Random SkyBlock Island 1.18.1-1.17.1 map is built in the popular survival genre. There are generated several blocks that form the main island. But they will change every three minutes (this is the default value)! Now you have to survive each time differently because getting random blocks, the player must use them for a variety of
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Sky Build - Survival Map For Minecraft

Sky Build 1.18.1-1.17.1 is a map that consists of many floating islands in the air! This does not spawn hostile mobs, and the main goal of the player depends only on himself! Your task is to build in an extremely acute shortage of resources and space.

Planet Survival - Skyblock Map For Minecraft

On Planet Survival 1.18.1-1.17.1 map, you will have the opportunity to start survival on your own small planet in Minecraft! Also, by running this map, you can find a fairly valuable chest next to you, because it will have everything for a comfortable start to your game, namely basic things.