Survival Minecraft Maps

Boogeyman - Defense, PvE Map For Minecraft

The story of this map is as follows: one evening, for an unknown reason, whole hordes of evil zombies began to appear in your house! But you mustn’t let them get to you! Grab your trusty bow and sword and try to survive until morning, fighting off angry crowds in almost complete darkness!

The Survival Arena Map For Minecraft

There is an arena on this map where you need to complete small levels, destroying various monsters! In total, the game has twenty levels with gradually increasing difficulty. Earn coins, buy food, weapons, as well as resources and power-ups that you will definitely need on the battlefield!

FlyingInslands - Survival Map For Minecraft

On this map you need to survive and develop on flying islands! There will be different mobs and dangers on different islands, as well as chests! The completion of the map is counted immediately after you complete all possible achievements! You cannot hide from emptiness only in the Nether or Ender worlds. Please note that
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Space Survival Map For Minecraft

Here is an unusual skyblock, the story of which is as follows: you and your team were returning from a space adventure, but you caught some kind of infection, and it killed absolutely everyone except you! Your ship broke down and you were left alone, only the earth, asteroids, the sun and pitch darkness are
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