Survival Minecraft Maps

Planetary World Map For Minecraft

Planetary World-thoughtful map for survival, a bit like skyblock, here you will find yourself on a planet with a minimum of resources, and to get additional resources, you have to travel from the “planet” to “planet”, or look in the shop to Woody.

Dead Island Map For Minecraft

You have suffered a terrible shipwreck. And your boat took you to a mysterious and completely uninhabited island. On this island once were people, but they long died. You need to find out what happened to them and try to survive yourself.

Island Survival Map For Minecraft

And on this map you will be in the role of a shipwreck survivor! Overcoming efforts, try to survive on this aggressive island and to carry out some tasks which the author of the map prepared for you, among them will be: Collect 64 trees Collect 64 cobblestone Build a house Create Golden tools Find
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The Apocalypse has destroyed almost the whole earth, and You are the only survivor who is destined to fight for existence on a worthless scanty piece, in complete isolation. Can you cope with this task?

1 Chunk Survival Map For Minecraft

A survival map that is very similar to skyblock! Your player will appear on an island the size of just one chunk (16×16 blocks), which contains blocks found in the standard world generation. On the island you can find a cave, ore and even lava in it.

Dome Survival Map For Minecraft

After a global disaster from our world there are only two pieces of land, now you have to try to survive on them, having at the disposal of a small amount of resources. On the map you can play with friends, it supports up to three people.