Survival Minecraft Maps

Aquatic Disaster Map For Minecraft

Large-scale map, where you will survive among the sea area, fighting with a huge number of mobs and bosses, exploring custom structures and dungeons and looking for well-hidden trophies. The author tried to make the game world more hardcore maps, compared to the standard generation of minecraft.

2D Survival! Map For Minecraft

Survival map with very interesting mechanics! Here you will have to live in 2D-territory, doing all the usual things: explore the world, dig mines or look for chests with useful loot, build farms and fight monsters. Everything as you like but in a different format!

Winter Survival Map For Minecraft

Here is a small map for survival for one player or with a friend in the lamp and a very pleasant winter atmosphere. There are rules and achievements that are not boring to perform. You will need to constantly look for food and try to survive in the cold winter biome!

Sky Labs Map For Minecraft

Map for all those who are tired of surviving in the usual skyblock. Sky Labs offers you a completely new island, in addition to 15 more jobs, as well as this map has a different approach to the extraction of resources, there is a store where you will be able to buy almost any block
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Multibiome Map For Minecraft

This is really an impressive countryside from popular mapmaker under the name Zhyrr_MC. Here, in the vastness of the enormous size of 2500 x 2500 units, there is a mountain, eternally snow-capped ranges, lakes and even a small green meadows.