Parkour Minecraft Maps

The Easiest Dropper - Parkour Map For Minecraft

As you can already understand by the name of the map – here is one of the simplest droppers, which includes ten interesting levels, most of which have been slightly changed compared to the classic versions of this genre! You will find a real dropper with parkour, anti-dropper and also a rainbow dropper!

Jumbo House Parkour! Map For Minecraft

On the Jumbo House 1.17-1.16.5 map, you will feel like a very small grain of sand in a huge world, because the player will have the opportunity to visit a house that is many times larger than yourself! Your task will be to explore it, moving along the route with unique parkour challenges!

Once - Parkour Map For Minecraft

Here Once 1.17-1.16.5 is a map that is a high-quality mix of parkour and puzzles, in which the blocks will disappear immediately after you stand on them and jump off! In total, the game has twenty unique levels with various obstacles and unique tasks!

The Lure of the Buttons - Puzzle Map For Minecraft

The Lure of the Buttons 1.17-1.16.5 map contains several genres of gameplay at once, but the main thing in which will be “Find the button”! You will have to find hidden buttons in five stages, while gradually opening secret rooms, demonstrating your skills in parkour, as well as solving various puzzles!

Snake Jump - Parkour Map For Minecraft

You will have to pass a test of parkour with a length of 30-90 minutes of playing time, in which, in addition to the standard mechanics, a “snake” will be used, namely: standing on a certain block, you will begin to move a strip of blocks that you need to have time to move!

Frontier Parkour! Map For Minecraft

On the Frontier Parkour 1.17-1.16.4 map, the author suggests that you try to get to the top of a fairly large building, made in the style of buildings from the Wild West! Just follow the yellow carpets and they will lead you to the goal, and the golden plates will set the checkpoints!