Parkour Minecraft Maps

Keep Going Map For Minecraft

Simple and not a bit tense parkour map, created from a variety of blocks with different effects and sets of commands. The author advises to play it with friends, so it will be more fun, but you can before that and practice and alone.

Spicy Map For Minecraft

Spicy-cool and intuitive ten-level map, which consists of a set of entertaining puzzles where you have to not only think, but in some cases even pass complex parkour tests. Will you be able to overcome this test?

Fanboy Parkour Map For Minecraft

This map is only for real pros in parkour! The task of the players is very simple-to go through the entire obstacle course of ten levels located in the middle of the void. The complexity of the jumps will grow greatly on the increase and at the end you will find the most difficult, the
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