Parkour Minecraft Maps

RagnaRune Map For Minecraft

This is quite a large map will tell you about a very powerful warrior Ragnar, who was sent to distant lands to destroy the evil God Loki. On the way to the goal you will meet a huge number of strong enemies, challenging puzzles and even elements of parkour.

Multiverse Map For Minecraft

Here is a classic parkour map in which the author offers you to go through three levels of medium size, enjoying very nice landscapes and jumps of medium complexity. This is a parkour map created for the enjoyment of the process, not to check skills.

Pure 5 Map For Minecraft

Here is the fifth part of the popular series of Pure maps, which are designed to give you the most simple passage, with which you can relax and get the most pleasure. However, this map turned out to be a bit more complicated than all its previous parts.

Gem Dash Map For Minecraft

On this map, the author offers you to go through a fairly complex strip of parkour obstacles, consisting of bright and contrasting colored blocks, this design allows you to focus on the game without being distracted by the external details of the map.