Parkour Minecraft Maps

Lost Pilnam – Adventure Map For Minecraft

Lost Pilnam is a pretty interesting parkour adventure map! Travel to the ancient and ruined city of Pilnam to get the Eternal Crystal — perhaps the most powerful magical artifact. Explore the ruins of an ancient city, find useful items, but be extremely careful not to fall into the abyss…

Elden Lands – Adventure Map For Minecraft

After thousands of years, an ancient evil has begun to awaken and only you can stop it! Choose who you will be and embark on an exciting journey into the open world of Elden Lands! Dozens of hours of various quests, dialogues, puzzles, parkour, bosses, learning magic, exploring the world and various other activities are
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Delightful Dropper 2 – Parkour Map For Minecraft

If you’ve been wanting to play on a nice and well-made dropper for a long time, then Delightful Dropper 2 is just for you – it’s a simple and very convenient map that doesn’t have unnecessary or confusing mechanics! It contains ten differently styled levels that are not intentionally complicated, but as balanced as possible
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Parkour Calamity – Parkour Map For Minecraft

Parkour Calamity is an interesting parkour map with 100 levels, thematic design, as well as quite interesting gameplay. Here you will find such elements as: levitation, changing levels, high slug jumps, conveyor blocks, shalkers and various other chips. The map is designed for everyone to pass it, so there are no jumps over the wall
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Parkour Spiral 3 – Parkour Map For Minecraft

This map offers you a fairly large spiral tower, which you can climb yourself by going through various parkour elements. Are you experienced enough to reach the top? Go through this map to find out! You will find a lot of unique themes and also ten Easter eggs that you need to find!

Block Event – Adventure Map For Minecraft

Block Event is a very cool map with quite interesting and difficult quests! Here you will find an impassable parkour, button searches, interesting questions and, as always, an exclusive mode – smart bridges. The essence of this map is very simple – you need to successfully pass all four tests!