Parkour Minecraft Maps

Parkore Map For Minecraft

In this test, you can play both alone and in competitive mode with your friend. In total, there are seven unique levels, with different complexity, which varies with the level. If you play with a friend, try as quickly as possible to pass the level and find the trophy, the winner is the player who
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Whitewashed Map For Minecraft

Inside this map you will find five levels of puzzles and five parkour levels. All of these levels, all surrounding blocks will be white. You will have a new tool that allows you to make the blocks color, but use it wisely, because you can not complete this map if everything gets color.

Portals Map For Minecraft

A very fun network map, which is designed for two players from the popular group Vertex Creations, here all players will travel among the dimensions which will find not only puzzles, but also dropper, search buttons and even a battle with mobs.