Parkour Minecraft Maps

Mystery Map For Minecraft

Mysterious map, with a whole set of different tests, which include such as: parkour, find the button, the maze and even dropper. Each level consists of two parts with complicated tasks, sometimes you can meet levels combining several styles at the same time.

Color Mash Map For Minecraft

In this map, under the pleasant name Color Mash you will find sixteen full and colorful levels of parkour, each of which will be unique and interesting. The map was built more than one month and the author probably really put his heart into it!

Virtual Blocks Map For Minecraft

Virtual Blocks is a qualitative mix of parkour and a puzzle, where your world is just an ordinary simulation, and you have an object that can switch between this matrix and the real world. Total on the map there are thirty levels with increasing complexity.

Biome Up Map For Minecraft 1.13.2

Biome Up will take you on a fascinating journey through various biomes, dimensions and just remarkable places from which you need to get out thanks to the solutions of different tests, including: parkour, labyrinth, search button, Redstone scheme).

Canals Map For Minecraft

On this map you have to get out of a very strange and gloomy building, resembling a laboratory. Who put you there and why he did it you do not know. During the passage of the map, you can find some notes of the person who was in this place before you…