Parkour Minecraft Maps

Halloween Night Map For Minecraft

Very interesting and addictive parkour map that is devoted to the nightmare of the night before all saints ‘ day, namely, to Halloween. During all 10-20 minutes of the game, you can fully test your skills jumping on the “pumpkin” obstacle course.

Parkour Pyramid Map For Minecraft

Great map, where you are waiting for a hundred different mini-levels that flow smoothly into each other, creating a pyramid shape. This map is completely ready for a network game, and its passage will take you more than 2 hours. Try to pass all levels and get to the top of the map, but you
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Parkour Island Map For Minecraft

On this map you alone or with friends, you will be able to explore the whole island, which is filled with parkour tests. There are no blocks with effects, but there are complex jumps, in addition, the game is complicated by the fact that you do not even know where you exactly need to go.

ParkourUp Map For Minecraft

In this test, before you is the only task – to get to the top of the building. However, for this you will have to demonstrate absolutely all your parkour skills and have a lot of patience, because only one mistake and you will start all over again!