Parkour Minecraft Maps

The Hardest Dropper Map For Minecraft

Here is one of the most difficult dropper maps, which only real fans of this genre can pass! At each of the levels provided by the author, your task will be to jump from a high tower and try to overcome all obstacles to fall on the soft floor!

The Last Journey Map For Minecraft

On this map, you will have to go down into the depths and pass various tests in order to eventually gain the cherished freedom! There are six chapters on this map with parkour, logical puzzles and an exciting story that is told using images and sounds!

Sprint Lab Re-run Map For Minecraft

This map is a rather complex parkour mixed with fascinating puzzles! You enter an unusual laboratory, where someone leads you through many intriguing and very interesting levels that will test not only your dexterity, but also your thinking!

Moving Parkour Map For Minecraft

In this exciting parkour challenge, you will test the new technology of moving blocks! Also on this map there are blocks with various effects, double jumps and a snake! In total, there are fifty interesting levels built here, can you pass them all?

Vanilla Parkour Map For Minecraft

On this map you will have to go through an exciting parkour! Despite the rather simple concept, it is well built and has control points! You can play together with your friends, but take your time because when one player completes a level, it ends for everyone at once!

Doodle Jump - Speedrun Parkour Map For MC

Here Doodle Jump 1.17.1-1.16.5 is a cool mini-game in the parkour genre, dedicated to the good old mobile game called Doodle Jump! Inside this, the author suggests that you climb to the top of a two-dimensional level and ring the bell, while running away from the approaching lava all the time, breaking everything in your
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