Adventure Minecraft Maps

Outbreak - Adventure Map For Minecraft

Outbreak 1.17-1.16.5 is a high-quality mix of puzzle and adventure, which consists of two parts. First you need to get out of the prison, and then survive in the middle of a dangerous city that is completely populated by infected people! The estimated time to complete is 2 hours.

Titan Elements - Adventure Map For Minecraft

Your goal on the Titan Elements 1.17-1.16.5 map will be to collect all the fragments to create the titan element! To complete this important mission, you will need to complete all twelve quests, during which you will pass eight biomes, explore various author’s buildings, and also communicate with a large number of NPCs!

The Legend of Alex - Adventure Map For Minecraft

The Legend of Alex 1.17-1.16.5 is a mini-game in two-dimensional format that will appeal to all fans of old games! It is inspired by the popular “Legend of Zelda” universe. Going on a long journey, your hero will have to find the legendary sword, defeat Hirobrine and even save Princess Alex!