Adventure Minecraft Maps

The Noodle Shop Map For Minecraft

Map with an interesting plot! Here you – the owner of a small noodles restaurant but at one point you have finished all the money on ingredients for making noodles, further work is your restaurant at risk. You decide to go for gold in the most dangerous dungeons that are scattered throughout the city.

Injection Map For Minecraft

The story of this map is that one day when you woke up you found a note lying right on your chest, and did not even give it much importance, but now that the light has disappeared sharply, you realize that it was a big mistake…

Starscape Map For Minecraft

New, and most importantly very interesting map format designed for everyone who has just started playing minecraft. Here the player will already be provided with a good house with a small farm, which you will need to develop to the highest possible level.

The Insanity of Me 2.0 Map For Minecraft

The second part of the popular adventure map in which you, as in the first part, find yourself in a world full of different dangers and be able to look at the world through the eyes of a character suffering from madness, which can not understand where he is, in dream or in reality.