Adventure Minecraft Maps

Curse of Dragon Stone Map For Minecraft

In this unique adventure you will go in search of ten dragon stones! With their help, you can get into another world. The stones are well hidden in five different locations, where in the course of the study you will be able to find different author’s weapons and treasures.

Volt Map For Minecraft

Your mission in this cool and thoughtful adventure map will be to find the “beacon of blood” and save the world with it! To do this, you will need to fight with a variety of hostile monsters, constantly looking for treasures and new, much better weapons.

Aquatic Apathy Map For Minecraft

This is a cool adventure map with puzzle elements, which stores eight full-fledged endings and unique author’s blocks and objects. In the story you have to escape from the island, which will soon cover the tsunami, while using only those resources that will be close.