Adventure Minecraft Maps

Flying Islands: Branches Map For Minecraft

The map is a small flying island with unusual generation. On the island there is everything you need, from ores to the portal to the edge. All available types of trees, stone materials, waterfalls and lava. Also, there are spauner mobs that will provide you with unlimited organic resources. The map is intended for one
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SkyAdventures Map For Minecraft

Map based on SkyBlock, quite easy. It is created for passing, and contains certain tasks. The action takes place on an island where there are resources for survival, as well as several Islands nearby. You need to develop strongly and eventually pass game. The difficulty it is advisable to put on normal.

Close your eyes Map For Minecraft

You Wake up in a room you don’t know. You don’t remember how you got here. An unfamiliar voice starts a conversation with you and asks you to follow the instructions. The alarm starts that a dangerous substance has been released. And at the entrance to its haze to close your eyes, otherwise, you will
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