Adventure Minecraft Maps

From Flames: Reborn Map For Minecraft

Another map in the genre of “collect a monument”, which will take you into a post-apocalyptic world. Your hero survived a nuclear explosion in his shelter, but now you need to find all 16 modules, disguised as wool, and to collect from them a device that can save the world from eternal lava.

Four Black Walls Map For Minecraft

Once Spencer passed through a mysterious portal, and found themselves in a previously unknown place, he is forced to wander in unfamiliar places and find the path back. Help our hero to survive and get out of this parallel world. The map will be five endings, what you get depends on you.

Delivery Guy! Map For Minecraft

Opening a newspaper, your character sees an attractive opening for a courier with unimaginable high salary. Oddly enough, but no one has filed a single application, and this is a good chance to make some money! Try yourself in the role of delivery person and find out the features of this type of activity.