Adventure Minecraft Maps

Biome Up Map For Minecraft 1.13.2

Biome Up will take you on a fascinating journey through various biomes, dimensions and just remarkable places from which you need to get out thanks to the solutions of different tests, including: parkour, labyrinth, search button, Redstone scheme).

Metaphor Dungeon Map For Minecraft

A demo version of the incredible map, which already at this stage has the author’s textures and sounds, as well as more than 20 unique items, random generation of levels, unique music. Go to the expanses of a dangerous dungeon and destroy all enemies!

House Thief Map For Minecraft

In House Thief you have to become a real thief who decided to get into the mysterious house of his neighbor. Your task is to explore every corner to find the most valuable items, as well as look for keys, ciphers and artifacts that will help you get out of this terrible house.

Hold The Ground Map For Minecraft

One day The mountains of Mekadon captured a bloodthirsty group to unravel the secrets of the mountains. According to legend, these mountains are fraught with an artifact that can open the gates to hell and let into our world of various monsters. Your task is to stop the invaders at any cost!

Abandoned Island Map For Minecraft

Abandoned Island-an exciting map where you will find yourself on a desert island with a broken fisherman’s Bay and even an underground dungeon. Also, you have to develop and engender life anew. On the map there is the coveted sword of God. Good luck with your adventures.