Default Texture Packs

Legend 16x Resource Pack For Minecraft 1.18.1, 1.16.5

Here Legend Resource 1.18.1-1.16.5 is a wonderful texture pack that is completely focused on the game in survival mode! After all, Legend is able to completely preserve the original Minecraft atmosphere, while adding a new, more convenient and eye-pleasing color scheme with appearance for blocks and items!

Broken Tools 16x Resource Pack For MC 1.18.1

Broken Tools (DegradingTools) 1.18.1 resource pack was created specifically to add a new texture to the tools in full accordance with their durability! It was developed as a useful addition for vanilla gameplay. Now that you see the tool, you can guess how much durability points are left, which is a very realistic feature.

Clear GUI 16x Resource Pack For Minecraft 1.18.1

Clear GUI (Light and Dark) 1.18.1 resource pack will make the interface of your favorite game as transparent and neutral as possible, almost leaving only its frames! A clear graphical interface is useful not only for fans of minimalism, because being in the GUI you will continue to see absolutely everything that happens in your
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