Minecraft PE Mods & Addons

Here you can download mods of different variants, for example Addons, scripts and function packs. This is available for Minecraft PE (Bedrock) version 1.19.2 on Android, iOS and Windows. This section is updated very often and you can always find a new The Nether Update modifications and a description of how to use it for Minecraft. If you use mcaddon or mcpack then the installation is very simple, but if you want to use scripts or commands blocks then you will have to create some blocks and insert custom code inside for this.
Modifications are used to add more content to the game, for example from mob-mods you can get new animals, monsters, pets, dragons, horror characters from indie games, legendary and mythical creatures, example Herobrine, Notch and SCP entity 303 and 096.
Mods can add more different blocks for Minecraft Bedrock 1.18.32 and 1.17.40 among which there are new blocks for farm resources or to create new mechanisms from Redstone and command blocks. You can also use new blocks to add more varieties of simple and rare ores and there are blocks with unique features that you will not see in the vanilla version of Minecraft PE.
One of the most popular category of mods is guns, weapons and sets of armor Addons, because now you can use modern and actual guns in the vanilla world of the game or to create a realistic city for multiplayer mini-games with new weapons, such as Fortnite, Nuke Town or PUBG.
If you are a fan of marvel movies, cartoons or comics, our section has unique mods to make you absolutely any superhero from the marvel movie universe. Just dress up the super suit of the hero and get the superpowers of Spiderman, Hulk, Ironman, Captain Marvel and there are a bunch of other superpowers.

Minecraft PE Mods 1.19.2

Players who play Minecraft PE (Bedrock) and need additional furniture or decorative blocks and things, for them there are several options to install Furnicraft Addon or More Decorations mods to add more than 150 things from the decorative theme, such as TV, sofa, refrigerator, chairs and table, Twitch TV things and streamer devices, microwave and many more things.
Fans of modern technology will be delighted with new cars, planes, tanks, carts with chests, motorcycles, Ferrari and Lamborghini hypercars, combat robots and other mech vehicles.

Elephants! Addon For Minecraft Bedrock 1.18.12 iOS/Android

Elephants! 1.18.12-1.17.40 – an interesting addon adds elephants to Minecraft PE that can be tamed and saddled. You can find these giants among animals in desert oases and savanna plateaus, but be careful because elephants don’t like the player and can attack, so wear gold armor when you try to tame them.