Castle Minecraft Maps

Blue Diamond - Castle Map For Minecraft

Here is a fully prepared 1.16-1.15.2 map for survival, where you will get at your disposal a spacious castle, which is surrounded by a lake, mountains and even a forest. To get to the castle cross the lake, it leads to a large bridge, at the beginning of which there is a guard gate.

Gothic Manor - Castle Map For Minecraft

Here in the midst of an incredible mountain landscape, you can visit a rather atmospheric estate, which is made in the Gothic style. The building in this 1.16-1.15.2 map can be called a small castle, because it is built on a rock, and is strengthened not only by walls, but also by watchtowers.

Star Castle Map For Minecraft

Star Castle 1.16-1.15.2 this map which is called the Star Castle is a huge building in the form of a majestic castle-spawn, surrounded by a protective mountain ring from the ordinary world and it’s very interesting and beautiful statues!