Takarajima - City, Adventure Map For Minecraft

It contains a large forgotten island in the Pacific ocean, rainforests, Japanese fortifications, and a Ghost town. Everything on this island is shrouded in mystery. You can feel how the atmosphere of unity with yourself reigns here. Embark on an exciting adventure to explore the entire Takarajima town.

E-land - City Map For Minecraft

The map contains a variety of colorful cities, connected by underground tunnels. Here you can explore colorful streets next to huge buildings. Feel the absolute freedom of action – travel wherever you want. This is possible by using the fast travel network.

Diversity - MiniGames Map For Minecraft

The name of the map speaks for itself, because it is made up of 10 different genres of mini-games, where the main goal is to collect all the blocks of wool. There are so many interesting things here, from simple logic puzzles to complex algorithms and combinations to get the desired block.