Void Parkour Map For Minecraft

This parkour map, unlike others, has only one requirement for all players to be the best in the process of passing it. The main thing is to understand the sequence and regularities of your actions. The faster the player understands the logic of jumping, the faster the level will pass.

Home Alone - Mansion Map For Minecraft

I think everyone has ever seen the “Home alone” movie. So, on this map you will find a copy of the house. Do not forget to go down to the basement, there are many Redstone traps that are activated by using levers. The author has done a really good job and deserves praise.

City of MAIKURA Map For Minecraft

I present to your attention the huge Japanese metropolis of Maikura with a population of more than 100,000 people! This map of 2500×2000 blocks perfectly combines houses, shops, and even all sorts of bridges and so on.

Godzilla - Redstone Mechanism Map For Minecraft

I will give you an incredibly interesting redstone idea! This is a Godzilla simulator! On this map you will be able to control and direct a mechanism similar to Godzilla to the right place and it has the feature to destroy a couple of cities. Note that the mechanism is made without mods.