Minecraft Data Packs

Fossils to Dungeon Data Pack For Minecraft 1.14.1

Fossils to Dungeon is designed to slightly replace the generation of fossils and he will do it in eight different dungeons with treasures that can diversify the game as much as possible and make the exploration of the underground world as exciting as possible, so you never get bored!

Quarry Data Pack For Minecraft 1.14.1

Quarry will enable you to generate improve generator quarries with perhaps the most fair recipe. It will be at a certain speed and within a certain radius for you to drip career, while collecting all the resources extracted. This mechanism will allow you to save time for mining of ores.

Car Data Pack For Minecraft 1.14.1

This pack will allow you to get a fully working car that will need to fill a special fuel, just throwing it around the car. After installing this pack you will receive 2 eggs of the call, which will allow you to spawn and clean the car. Once in the salon, you can control it
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Redstone Turrets Data Pack For Minecraft 1.14.1

Thanks to Redstone Turrets you will be able to fully protect your home from uninvited mobs. You will be able to create automatic defensive turrets, arrows that you can even use potions. For the construction of the turret will need: Redstone block, stand for armor and distributor.