Minecraft Data Packs

TeleBeacon Data Pack For Minecraft 1.14.1

Excellent pack with a fairly simple mechanics. TeleBeacon will allow you to teleport between identical beacons. Moving between the “cheapest” beacons will be fraught with nausea, hunger or even major damage, when the “expensive” emerald options will be able to carry you even between different dimensions.

Shrek Data Pack For Minecraft 1.14.1, 1.13.2

Interesting data-pack called Shrek is designed to replace the witch on the familiar to all the inhabitants of the swamps of the super popular cartoon – Shrek! Now walking through the swamps will have to be a little more vigilant, because this pixel Ogre attack as soon as he sees you nearby.

Weapons+ Data Pack For Minecraft 1.14

Weapons+ will add everything you need to turn you into a real medieval knight: spear, whip, combat gloves, hammer, knife and even barbaric armor. All of this will be able to diversify your Arsenal. To create items, you need to throw the ingredients of the item on the blacksmith’s table Spear: 1 iron ingot +
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Lie Down Data Pack For Minecraft 1.14

Lie Down is created especially for those players who have an excellent sense of humor! With this data pack, you can lie down on the ground and just crawl – it will be enough to just hold down the Shift key, looking at the ground. Surprise your friends with a new ability!

Swords+ Data Pack For Minecraft 1.14

Swords+ will add eight new swords to your game at once, which will have special individual characteristics and will give you certain effects of the potions offered to you (one of them will even blow up all your enemies). You will like the fights from now on, they will become much more beautiful.