EnderMan Skin For Minecraft

EnderMan Skin For Minecraft
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EnderMan Skin For Minecraft
Want to be a enderman in Minecraft and play a trick on your friends? Then this skin is for You!
It is very similar to the real enderman, so play with it and Troll the players will be even more interesting! You can become almost a real enderman! With this skin you can play your friends. I recommend You to install this skin and turn into a enderman!

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How to install EnderMan Skin For Minecraft

  1. Rename our skin in steve.png
  2. Navigate to the folder of the game
  3. To do this, press WIN+R and type %AppData%\.minecraft
  4. Open archiver file versions\x.x.x\x.x.x.jar. (where xxx is the version of Minecraft)
  5. Open the jar file go to the folder assets -> minecraft -> textures -> entity (full path would be: \versions\x.x.x\x.x.x.jar\assets\minecraft\textures\entity)
  6. Drag the skin file the steve.png in the archiver window, in the entity folder and confirm the replacement
  7. Close everything and run Minecraft

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