Herobrine Boss Command Block For Minecraft 1.8.9

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Herobrine Boss Command Block For Minecraft 1.8.9
This command will allow you to summon a very strong boss – Herobrine into your world. after defeating him, the player will get a unique boots.

But remember, it is not so easy to kill it because Herobrine has many magical features, for example, it can bring down a meteor shower or generate zombies.


How to use Herobrine Boss

    li>Copy the command text from a file (Ctrl+A -> Ctrl+C)
  1. Launch the game and get a command block, to do this type in console /give @p command_block
  2. Put the command block on the ground
  3. Click on it right click and paste the command in the “Command console” (Ctrl+V)
  4. Activate the command block using the button or the lever
  5. Ready


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