Craftable Barrier Block Mod For Minecraft 1.8.9

Cool modification that will be useful for mapmakers, because now you can build “barrier blocks”. Such invisible elements can be found in various games, including races, strategies, etc. These barriers are designed specifically to protect a specific area.

Stacy's Wolves - New Mobs Mod For Minecraft 1.7.10

With this mod, new types of wolves will appear in your world, stylized as a certain vanilla block. Like ordinary wolves, they can be tamed, but for this you will need a special item created from ordinary bone material and also use a block that is similar to the appearance of a wolf.

SeedCopy Mod For Minecraft 1.7.10

If you are an experienced player and a Minecraft fan, you know exactly what world seed is. After installing this modification, you can use a new command that will copy the current source world to the clipboard and get a unique seed code. After that, you can easily share your world with your friends.