Crumbling World Command Block For Minecraft 1.12.2

Command Block called Crumbling World is a really difficult challenge. From now on, when walking, swimming and even sprint in the place where you are, the world will collapse right up to the very Foundation. There is only one way to survive in such an Apocalypse, but can you recognize it?

Get Out #2 Map For Minecraft

But in this, the second part of the map-puzzle, you again find yourself in a huge cube, but this time you can get out immediately seven ways and, accordingly, the same number of endings waiting for you. The map will seem small if you know what to do, but for those who play for the
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ARKOUR on LOCATIONS Map For Minecraft

Welcome to the colorful parkour map consisting of three challenging levels. When they pass you will open another bonus level. Not everyone will be able to pass the map, so keep in mind that you should have a rich experience of playing on maps of this style. Good luck!

Dead Island Map For Minecraft

You have suffered a terrible shipwreck. And your boat took you to a mysterious and completely uninhabited island. On this island once were people, but they long died. You need to find out what happened to them and try to survive yourself.

Factory Tech Mod For Minecraft 1.12.2

New mod that focuses on the development of very sophisticated automation systems. Of the added mechanisms are similar to those that add other technical mod, but in contrast, no mechanism in the Factory Tech does not require any energy. Instead, each mechanism has its own list of parts required to run it, they will eventually
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