Three Skin For Minecraft

Dreamed of becoming a tree in Minecraft? Then this skin is for You! You can be a tree and to play a joke on players. This skin is not the same as a simple skin of wood. In the skin on his head wearing leaves, not wood. All this is drawn pretty accurately. To play
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PPAP Skin For Minecraft

I’m sure many have heard the popular song “pen-pineapple-apple-pen”. Now You will be able to become a performer in Minecraft! This skin in detail conveys the image of PPAP. With it, You will be able to portray the author of the song or even sing it on the server! And by itself, the skin looks
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EnderMan Skin For Minecraft

Want to be a enderman in Minecraft and play a trick on your friends? Then this skin is for You! It is very similar to the real enderman, so play with it and Troll the players will be even more interesting! You can become almost a real enderman! With this skin you can play your
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Border Greed Command Block For Minecraft 1.11.2

The team will add a mini-game, after you hit the “start” in the world there will be a boundary that will gradually narrow to expand it, you need to extract resources (emeralds, diamonds, iron and gold) and throw them into a cauldron with water, Resource, the more the border will expand.

Giant Trees Command Block For Minecraft 1.11.2

With this command you can create giant trees. Taking two seedlings and adding a gold bar to them, you will receive an object that must be thrown to the ground and a gigantic tree instantly grows in its place. Such an improvement will be available for saplings of birches, pines and oaks.