XRay Minecraft Mods

Lie Down Data Pack For Minecraft 1.14

Lie Down is created especially for those players who have an excellent sense of humor! With this data pack, you can lie down on the ground and just crawl – it will be enough to just hold down the Shift key, looking at the ground. Surprise your friends with a new ability!

Fly Hack - Mod For Minecraft 1.8.9

The name of the modification makes it clear what its essence is. This cheat allows you to fly in survival mode, for this you will need 6 feathers and 3 sticks. To activate the flight mode, press the “F” key, which activates the hack feature.

Time Control Remote Hack-Mod For Minecraft 1.8.9, 1.7.10

A stunning mod that lets you manage your time by adding a clock to speed it up or slow it down. You can create 4 so-called “time machines” with different functions (acceleration time, more-acceleration time, deceleration time and matrix mode). The last mode is very cool, see for yourself.