Download Minecraft PE, APK Mod iOS, Android

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Download Minecraft PE, APK Mod iOS, Android
Suddenly, the developers released a new version of Minecraft PE (Bedrock) for Android, Windows 10 and Xbox One under the number, which brought an interesting opportunity to the game!

Minecraft 1.7.0 Trend

Minecraft PE (Bedrock) update has brought a new long–awaited feature to the game, which will surely appeal to server owners and map developers – the game event system (scoreboard)!

I want to immediately draw attention to the fact that the scoreboard system in Bedrock is still raw, but the developers promise to finalize it closer to the release version. Below is a brief description of how to use the command, but we strongly recommend that you refer to the Minecraft WIKI or watch the guides on YouTube.

Main features of Minecraft

  • Added basic leaderboard functionality, more features will be coming in next versions
  • Now the player can eat in creative and peaceful modes
  • Added command: / gamerule
  • Player name mentions are now highlighted in yellow in the chat
  • Enter “@” in the chat shows the autocomplete list of the names of the players
  • Simplified content search in the store
  • Many bugs have been fixed

Scoreboard in Minecraft

  • You can add new targets using the ‘/scoreboard objectives add’ command. Note that at the end you can use double quotes to specify the name that will be displayed in the panel.
  • Download Minecraft PE, APK Mod iOS, Android

  • It makes no sense to create a counter if you do not add players to it.
  • Download Minecraft PE, APK Mod iOS, Android

  • Thanks to the ‘/scoreboard objectives setdisplay ‘ command, you can display the created counter!
  • Download Minecraft PE, APK Mod iOS, Android

Minecraft Mod apk

Using our version of the game, you will be able to open premium skins, addons, maps, texture packs and everything else that is sold in the store for maincoins. You also don’t need to sign in to Xbox Live anymore.


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