New Decorative Blocks Minecraft PE Bedrock Mod 1.9.0, 1.7.0

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New Decorative Blocks Minecraft PE Bedrock Mod 1.9.0, 1.7.0The mod will add a huge number of new blocks to the game world. This is a great addition to the vanilla gameplay, because now the player will be able to use more decorative blocks!

It is also worth noting that this option does not replace any blocks, but adds completely new ones. But, unfortunately, we can only get them using commands.


New Decorative Blocks Minecraft PE Bedrock Mod 1.9.0, 1.7.0

How to Use?

You can use the following command to get blocks: /give @a [block, for example stone] [number] [number]. For example, /give @a 64 prismarine 8

  • Copper block (prismarine, number: 8)
  • Steel Block (prismarine, number: 7)
  • Ruby Block (prismarine, number: 6)
  • Polished infernal block (prismarine, number: 5)
  • Infernal brick (prismarine, number: 4)
  • Infernal cobblestone (stonebrick, number: 13)
  • Smooth gabbro (stonebrick, number: 12)
  • Gabbro (stonebrick, number: 11)
  • Black and gray Wallpapers (stonebrick, number: 10)
  • Purple silver Wallpaper (stonebrick, number: 9)
  • Orange-pink Wallpaper (stonebrick, number: 8)
  • Yellow-white Wallpapers (stonebrick, number: 7)
  • Green purple Wallpaper (stonebrick, number: 6)
  • Smooth dacite (stone, number: 14)
  • Dacite (stone, number: 13)
  • Smooth limestone (stone, number: 12)
  • Limestone (stone, Value: 11)
  • Brown tile (stone, number: 10)
  • A path out of cobblestone (stone, number: 9)
  • A stone path (stone, number: 8)
  • Stone tile (stone, number: 7)
  • Red painted planks (planks, number: 15)
  • Blue painted planks (planks, number: 14)
  • Purple coloured boards (planks, number: 13)
  • Silver painted planks (planks, number: 12)
  • Gray painted planks (planks, number: 11)
  • Pink painted planks (planks, number: 10)
  • Green painted planks (planks, number: 9)
  • Yellow painted planks (planks, number: 8)
  • Orange painted planks (planks, number: 7)
  • White painted planks (planks, number: 6)

How To Install Mod?

  • Download a mod with the extension .mcaddon
  • Then find it and run, thus importing into the game
  • Open the game and go to the settings of the world
  • In the “Resource Packs” and “Behavior Packs”, select the imported resource packages (addon)

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