40 Jumps Map For Minecraft

A parkour map where you have to go through a large number of levels. Each wool block has its own peculiarity: they can speed you up, instantly kill, etc. do Not mix them up and try to beat the game without a single death, say this has never been done!

ARCTIC Map For Minecraft

In the story, you slept on the ship for 3 days and somehow ended up in the Arctic. You have the whole list of quests and a huge map to explore. There is no time to slump! Perform tasks than as soon as possible, otherwise it can just freeze.

Valoran Map For Minecraft

A small settlement in the midst of which grew a large and beautiful castle. All this is done with an extremely beautiful architecture and is located on the picturesque shores of the little lake. And frozen in the air, Phoenix is a real feature of this map.