Adventure Minecraft Mods

Roots - Magic Adventure Biomes Mod For Minecraft 1.12.2

The Roots 1.12.2 mod is a new modification that offers you to plunge into the world of druids and natural magic. The game will generate various random runes, altars, magic items, new improved weapons and armor. It will be interesting to explore the whole world again, because this is a completely new adventure.

Age of Exile - Weapons, PvE, Adv, RPG Mod Minecraft 1.16.3

Age of Exile 1.16.3 – a great RPG modification that adds a new weapon improvement system with unique mechanics from Diablo 3. This allows you to increase levels for players and mobs, the ability to use more than 20 spells, and the introduction of completely new characteristics (mana) and skills for combat!