BlockLauncher PRO 1.25 Free APK For Minecraft PE,,

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BlockLauncher PRO 1.25 Free APK For Minecraft PE,,
If you use the latest versions of Minecraft PE Bedrock Edition, namely 1.12 and 1.11 and below then you will require a new version of BlockLauncher PRO 1.25 which will allow you to install mods into the game.

Now regardless of game version 0.15.* you can always install the mod, textures, skins and much more on games client Minecraft PE. App Block Launcher 1.25 works on all recent versions of the game and it fixes all the bugs.

This is the latest version of BlockLauncher PRO for MCPE 1.12.0 & 1.11.4 which is the most convenient and easy to use, not requiring from the players any special knowledge and skills in order to install mods, maps, textures and more for Pocket & Bedrock Edition.


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