Download Minecraft 1.15, v1.15.0 free version

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Download Minecraft 1.15, v1.15.0 free versionSummer is over and the developers are back to work on the new Minecraft 1.15 update. The release of the new snapshot of Minecraft Java Edition, which added to the game bees and new blocks for farming!

This is the first snapshot for the 1.15 update and it is possible that in the future many things will be changed after adding the pre-release version.

  • Release Date: September 2, 2019
  • Latest Version: 19w34a Snapshot

Minecraft 1.15 Features

Bees are neutral mobs and love flowers:

  • Neutral For the players
  • If the bee stings the player, it will leave its sting in it and die
  • Bees love beautiful flowers and constantly collect pollen from them
  • After collecting pollen, the bee returns to the hive
  • Collecting pollen helps accelerate the growth of the crop
  • Bees can be bred with flowers
  • Bees in the Minecraft 1.15 like to share the location of flowers with other bees
  • If the bee can not find nectar, then after a while it briefly returns home
  • If the bee does not have a hive, it will fly until it finds one in which it can settle
  • Bees don’t like rain. At night they return to the hives and sleep.

Download Minecraft 1.15, v1.15.0 free version
Bee nests and beehives:

  • Bee nests are generated in flower forests, plains and sunflower fields
  • The block level increases when the bee returns to the hive or nest
  • The maximum level of the block are fifth
  • Bees use the hive to share with other bees the location of flowers
  • Sometimes bees that already know about flowers will decide not to use this information
  • The beehives blocks can be created by the players in MC 1.15
  • Use the tool with the silk touch charm to get the block and the bees inside it
  • The bee nest will be destroyed if you don’t use silk touch in Minecraft 1.15
  • Use scissors on the block with the fifth level to get honeycomb
  • Use an empty flask to get a bottle of honey
  • The fire calms the bees. Place it under the hive/nest to make the bees to sleep
  • Bees blocks a friendly with Redstone.

Download Minecraft 1.15, v1.15.0 free version

Minecraft 1.15 Changes

Note that beehive has five levels! Only on the fifth a block flowing honey and you will be able to get the honey!
You can create it with any type of boards and get a three types of honeycombs.
Download Minecraft 1.15, v1.15.0 free version
Use the scissors on the bee hive to get honeycombs!
Download Minecraft 1.15, v1.15.0 free version
Use an empty bottle to get honey from the hive. This can be done only with the fifth level of the block.
The honey in the bottle restores a hunger.
Download Minecraft 1.15, v1.15.0 free version

Minecraft 1.15 Download



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