The Floor Is Lava – Escape, Parkour Map For Minecraft

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The Floor Is Lava - Escape, Parkour Map For Minecraft
The Floor Is Lava 1.20-1.19.4 map contains a cool parkour tower, in which the player will have to go through levels-floors on which there are various obstacles, such as escape from the lava, but it will not be quite easy to do this!

To fully pass the test, you will have to act quickly and carefully calculating all the actions! The first levels are created in order to earn as much spare time as possible, which will be useful in the more difficult last levels.


The Floor Is Lava - Escape, Parkour Map For Minecraft
The Floor Is Lava - Escape, Parkour Map For Minecraft
The Floor Is Lava - Escape, Parkour Map For Minecraft

How to install The Floor Is Lava

  1. Make sure that you have the “Java” application installed.
  2. Download the “Zip” archive from our website.
  3. Inside there is a folder with the source map. Additionally, you can also find various folders that contain alternative data packs and resource packs.
  4. Select the latest version of the “Source” folder that matches the game version.
  5. Please note that some releases may contain bugs, custom data packs that are incompatible with other modifications, and in some cases may cause conflicts within Forge, Fabric or Optifine. To fix this, install a previous build or change the version of the game.
  6. Move the “Source” map folder to the “Saves” folder.
  7. This folder is located at the following path:

    Mac OS X:
    /Users/Your Profile Name/Library/Application Support/minecraft/
    Quick way to get there: Click on the desktop and then press the combination of “Command+Shift+G” keys at the same time.
    Type ~/Library and press the “Enter” key.
    Open the Application Support folder and then Minecraft

    Windows 11, 10, 8, 7:
    C:\Users\Your Profile Name\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\
    Quick way to get there: Press the “Windows” key and the “R” key at the same time.
    Type %appdata% and press “Enter” key or click OK.

  8. The “Saves” folder is created automatically after creating at least one new game world, but you can always create it manually.
  9. Open the launcher and select the desired game version.
  10. Find a new map in the list of created worlds.
  11. Start the game and enjoy new adventures.
  12. Ready!

Created by: Arthurfr_


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    La idea del mapa esta muy buena pero está mal hecho, ya que no da chance ni de pensar al inciar, pasas a otra habitacion, y solo debes correr sin saber que hacer debes morir muchas veces para poder saber el camino. la idea es poner dificultad, pero que el usuario pueda disfrutar el mapa no frustrarse

    The idea of ​​the map is very good but it is poorly done, since it does not give you a chance to even think when you start, you go to another room, and you just have to run without knowing what to do, you must die many times to know the way. The idea is to make it difficult, but so that the user can enjoy the map and not get frustrated

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