A Fox’s Life – Adventure Map For Minecraft

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A Fox's Life - Adventure Map For Minecraft
Here you will find incredible adventures and a lot of “searching for objects” gameplay. On the map, you will feel like a fox! Here are some highlights of the game: Meet new friends, collect 36 unique diamonds, play with a friend, find all 768 emeralds, as well as explore a unique area and solve puzzles!

Your adventures will stretch across different biomes, in each of which the player will find settlements. Inside the settlements, you can learn a lot of new things and also try to perform challenges.


How to install A Fox’s Life

  1. Download map
  2. Unzip it and copy to C:\Users\User_Name\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves
  3. Ready

Created by: NadiaMayer, LegoBro, Lucuma


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    my husband and i just binged the whole game. it took us a few hours, but it was more than worth it. we only ran into issues with the multiplayer joining. we figured out that it was just because LAN opening was survival and not to adventure mode settings. the ending of the game also had a spawning issue, so we weren’t able to continue some of the mini-game stuff and the “abilities” were broken.
    we both thought that the game was coded VERY well, the coordination with the player’s inventories was a great addition. i really hope that this datapack blows up. as a fox lover – i would 110% recommend this to anyone that wants a twist on the normal maps and vanilla experience.
    thank you, and amazing work!
    10/10 would play again.

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