Furnicraft Addon For Minecraft PE 1.18.12, 1.17.40

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Furnicraft Addon For Minecraft PE 1.18.12, 1.17.40
The Furnicraft 1.18.12 mod adds a lot of new furniture blocks to the game world – from kitchen and plumbing equipment to computers, televisions, sofas and other interesting interior items for home decoration. It also now contains micro appliances and jewelry.


Furnicraft Addon For Minecraft PE 1.18.12, 1.17.40
Furnicraft Addon For Minecraft PE 1.18.12, 1.17.40
Furnicraft Addon For Minecraft PE 1.18.12, 1.17.40
Furnicraft Addon For Minecraft PE 1.18.12, 1.17.40
Furnicraft Addon For Minecraft PE 1.18.12, 1.17.40
Furnicraft Addon For Minecraft PE 1.18.12, 1.17.40
Furnicraft Addon For Minecraft PE 1.18.12, 1.17.40
Furnicraft Addon For Minecraft PE 1.18.12, 1.17.40


  • All furniture can be rotated and color changed. There is also functional furniture such as a sofa where you can sit. Below is a list of some furniture.
  • To get furniture in survival mode first you need to craft clay for furniture
  • Furnicraft Addon For Minecraft PE 1.18.12, 1.17.40

  • After receiving the clay, you will need a stone cutter. Crafting furniture in stone cutter
  • Furnicraft Addon For Minecraft PE 1.18.12, 1.17.40

  • You can also have a wife and baby, for this first find her and trade with her until you have the opportunity to have children. So now looks inventory NPC
  • Furnicraft Addon For Minecraft PE 1.18.12, 1.17.40

    Furnicraft Addon For Minecraft PE 1.18.12, 1.17.40

  • To craft the ring, first you need to find the rose gold ore, it can be found in the village below.
  • The recipe for a ring:
    Furnicraft Addon For Minecraft PE 1.18.12, 1.17.40

  • When you have a baby you will need to put him in the crib and give 1 diamond, and when he wakes up to feed (Apple, cake) to make him grow up.

Furnicraft Addon For Minecraft PE 1.18.12, 1.17.40

List of Furniture

  • Tv (16 texturas)
  • Furniture for Tv (16 colors)
  • Soccer Table
  • Swing
  • Laptop
  • Bath
  • Sink
  • Toilet
  • Watering can
  • Fridge
  • Stove
  • Microwave over
  • Trampoline for the pool
  • Christmas tree
  • Gamer PC Set
  • Piano
  • Park bench
  • Big chewing gum machine
  • Small chewing gum machine and more…

What’s new

  • added 70 new npc of female
  • added 70 new npc of male
  • textures were reduced to be compatible with more devices
  • added 70 new npc of boys
  • added 70 new npc of girls

How to install Furnicraft Addon

Installation for iOS or iPad

It has only two installation methods. The first of which is simpler and fully automatic. This method is used for newer versions of the game starting from 0.16.

Method 1: Using .McAddon or .McPack

  1. Most of the modifications or addons have .mcpack or .mcaddon format or rarely .mcworld files.
  2. By clicking on such a file after downloading, you can see that the import process has begun. This means that all data from .mcpack is imported into the main folder of your game.
  3. After a few tens of seconds, this process should be completed.
  4. Next, you may notice that you have received new Behavior and Resource packs in the new world creation menu or the old world editing menu.
  5. It is extremely rare for an addon to have a .mcworld downloadable file format. This means that it is intended specifically for a certain world created by the author.
  6. McWorlds can be moved individually, for example using file explorer.
  7. Mcworld also contains both a game world and a set of textures, as well as a pack of scripts for mobs and their characteristics or behavior, as well as changes to items.

Method 2: Using JS or Zip files

  1. Download and install iFunBox, ES Explorer or another file explorer application that provides file management via Mac PC
  2. Connect your iOS device to your computer using a data cable. This is a standard iOS cable that usually comes with the device
  3. Using the Mac system, download any modification from our website
  4. Next, open iFunBox (ES Explorer) or similar functional applications and go to the “File Browser” tab in the upper left corner
  5. Find your device on the left sidebar. You may need to expand the available items by clicking on the plus sign for “Connected Devices”
  6. Then click on the “Custom Applications” icon
  7. Hover over Minecraft PE or Minecraft Bedrock and click on it
  8. Select sandbox from the drop-down menu
  9. Open the games folder, and then open the com.mojang folder
  10. In this folder you should be able to see the following folders: “Behavior_Packs”, “MC_Worlds” and “Resource_Packs”
  11. At this step, we are interested in Behavior_Packs and Resource_Packs folders
  12. The zip file of the addon/script usually includes two folders. In most cases, inside it is denoted as abbreviated: b, beh, behavior_packs or bh packs. And the other one that you need to add to the folder has the name: RP, Res_Pack, R_Pack or Resource_Packs

  13. If you are using a Mac computer, you can open the zip file that you previously downloaded for the add-on by simply clicking the Zip file
  14. Extract the Zip file to get two different folders. Sometimes the Addon includes only one folder, and sometimes several
  15. Copy the “Textures” folder and paste it into the Behavior_Packs folder using the following path: /games/com.mojang/resource_packs
  16. Then copy the Behavior Pack folder and move it to the Resource_Packs folder, which is located at the following path: /games/com.mojang/resource_packs
  17. Open Minecraft Pocket (Bedrock) Edition. Create a new world or edit an existing one
  18. Scroll down on the left sidebar. There you will see two new tabs. Go to the Resource Packs tab and select the newly downloaded Addon
  19. Then go to the Behavior Packs tab and apply the Add-on that you previously downloaded
  20. Enter the world and enjoy the addition!

Installation for Android

Method 1: Using .McAddon or .McPack

This is uploaded as files .mcpack or .mcaddon and very rarely as .mcworld. Inside such files there is a special structure that automates the process of installing add-ons, textures and maps directly into a special storage of additional content in your game.

  1. To automate this, first make sure you have the latest versions of ES File Explorer installed
  2. After downloading the .mcpack file or .mcaddon open the ES File Explorer application
  3. Go to the Downloads folder
  4. Locate the .mcpack or .mcaddon and click on it to import it into Minecraft Bedrock Edition
  5. Next, you need to apply this in the resource pack and/or behavior pack tab when creating a new world or editing an existing world!

Method 2: Using JS or Zip files

Sometimes authors create modifications placed in zip or rar archives. This has a slightly longer installation process, but in this way the authors try to avoid errors that may occur during import.

  1. First make sure you have the latest update for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. This will only work for versions higher than 0.16.0
  2. Install ES File Explorer (or any other file manager application). You will need this to extract content from downloaded zip or rar files
  3. Go to the Downloads folder and apply a long press on the zip file to select it. Then click the “More” button in the lower right corner. And then click “Extract to”. Now click OK in the new window.
  4. Open the new folder that was created when extracting the zip file. Sometimes an extension includes only one folder. But in most cases they will include two folders.
  5. Copy the addon’s Textures/Resources folder. To do this, long press on the folder, and then click Copy.
  6. Go to the following address: /games/com.mojang/. You can get there by going to the “Internal Storage” in the ES File Explorer, then open the games folder, then the com.mojang folder, and there you will find the game files for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Inside there are 3 folders that are responsible for custom content:
    behavior_packs – contain scripts and changes for vanilla parameters
    minecraftWorlds – used to install maps
    resource_packs – sometimes used for add-ons, but also used to install texture packs.
  7. Open the resource_packs folder and paste the folder you copied earlier.
  8. Go back to the Downloads folder. Open the add-ons folder and copy the second Behavior pack folder.
  9. Then move again to /games/com.mojang/, but this time open the behavior_packs folder and paste the copied folder here.
  10. Launch the game and create a new world or edit an existing world.
  11. Select all the game options you want, and then scroll down on the left sidebar and click on Resource Packs and apply the downloaded add-on.
  12. Then click on the behavior packs in the sidebar and apply the same custom content.
  13. Launch this game world and enjoy the new gameplay!

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