Mega Cube - Survival, Escape Map Minecraft

This is created especially for all fans of the Cube movie trilogy! Here is the escape map, where you are trapped in a giant cube, and you have to go through a maze of 8 floors. So the player will need skill, attention and originality to avoid falling into artificially created traps!

Apterra - Adventure, Survival Map For Minecraft

A survival map with a huge island where a beautiful and unusual biome is located. Use everything you can, because this is a real challenge even for an experienced Minecraft player! Here you will see big mountains, beautiful forests, volcanoes, abandoned and forgotten cities and much more!

USS Enterprise - 3D Art Map For Minecraft

This map contains the legendary USS enterprise of the American aircraft carrier. Almost an exact copy of the original, only in digital form, feel like a real captain of a huge ship with dozens of rooms and compartments, and it also contains an atomic bomb on board.