Horror Minecraft Maps

No Words Horror Map For Minecraft

A horror map that contains a fascinating sad story, a dark atmosphere and an element of surprise. Everything, as always, is made in dark colors. By the way, the video in the post will help you find out some details, because a pretty girl is personally familiar with the developer.

Lights Out - Horror Map For Minecraft

In the story of this horror map, you play as a young girl who decided to stay at home for the winter holidays, but suddenly the house was de-energized. So now your only light source is just a candle. If You reach the end of the map, you will be surprised…

The Asylum - Horror Map For Minecraft

Horror map, the plot of which takes place on a cold autumn evening, you were returning home from friends and got into an accident. But suddenly something really interesting and frightening happened! So if you are interested in the storyline you can try this.

The RIFT - Horror Map For Minecraft

The RIFT is a terrifying horror map in which the player will explore the dark expanses of a spaceship. Here you will find scary adventures at every turn! Be vigilant and careful in the research area, because this unusual place is quite dangerous.

P.T. Silent Hills Horror Map For Minecraft

This map is made in the style of the eponymous Silent Hills horror game. You will get almost all the functionality of the original, but only in minecraft. For better gameplay, you should play with the sound at full volume, but the music at a reduced volume. Also turn on all particles and set the
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The Orphanage - Horror Map For Minecraft

This map contains the following plot: You are returning from a long journey, however, your car is running out of fuel and you don’t know what to do. You decide to ask for help and accidentally find an orphanage. But inside your character is waiting for a real horror.