Horror Minecraft Maps

The Orphanage - Horror Map For Minecraft

This map contains the following plot: You are returning from a long journey, however, your car is running out of fuel and you don’t know what to do. You decide to ask for help and accidentally find an orphanage. But inside your character is waiting for a real horror.

The Doll Maker - Horror Map For Minecraft

The plot of the map is as follows: you wake up in the office and don’t remember who you are or where you are. You need to get out of there by remembering various details from the hints on signs. Additionally, the archive has a special resource package to add more atmospheric elements to the
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Diversity - MiniGames Map For Minecraft

The name of the map speaks for itself, because it is made up of 10 different genres of mini-games, where the main goal is to collect all the blocks of wool. There are so many interesting things here, from simple logic puzzles to complex algorithms and combinations to get the desired block.