Download Minecraft APK, v1.15 Java Edition

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Download Minecraft APK, v1.15 Java EditionMinecraft is a new version of the game for 1.15 The Buzzy Bees update. It contains several features to optimize the game on Android and PC platforms. After downloading, you will be available to optimize the process of loading chunks, add an updated menu for selecting resource packs (now UI has 5.0 version), make the explosion of a huge amount of dynamite faster and there are many other features.

  • Release Date: The Buzzy Bees Update, March 11, 2020
  • Latest Version:

Minecraft Features

  1. The dynamite explosions got a new algorithm to run faster. If you want to have fun with a lot of dynamite on a weak computer or phone, then it will explode without lags. Slightly changed the animation of the flying blocks of dynamite to explosions looked more dynamic and more beautiful
  2. Changed balance in relation to the time of combustion of fuel in the stove. For some fuels the time has been increased and now you will need less wood to cook food or melt ore
  3. On some maps with a lot of buttons you might not understand what button you are going to press if it is located close to each other, but now added a brighter backlight for buttons that you are going to press. It is very convenient for Redstone mechanisms or other mini-games
  4. Improved chunk generation algorithm. Sometimes you may have noticed that there are black spots on unloaded chunks or you can see the transition of one biome to another, etc. Now it works a little differently and it is more optimized. Perhaps so the developers have fixed some features for X Ray textures pack
  5. Changed recipe for Dark prismarine. To craft this use 1 black dye instead of ink sac. Now these blocks are crafting the same for Minecraft Java Edition on PC and for Minecraft Bedrock on Android and iOS
  6. Changed and updated resource pack Manager. The new 5 version has several new features to support new technologies when creating shaders and realistic 3D texture packs. Note that some older texture packs may not be supported

Minecraft Screenshots

Download Minecraft APK, v1.15 Java Edition
Download Minecraft APK, v1.15 Java Edition
Download Minecraft APK, v1.15 Java Edition
Download Minecraft APK, v1.15 Java Edition
Download Minecraft APK, v1.15 Java Edition
Download Minecraft APK, v1.15 Java Edition
Download Minecraft APK, v1.15 Java Edition
Download Minecraft APK, v1.15 Java Edition

Minecraft Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a bug related to the tag owner who died after more than 5000 seconds
  • Fixed the game crash if you use illegal characters in the name of the texture pack
  • The render chunk process could render 2 blocks less in radius than specified in the settings. Now each point of the chunk drawing range fully corresponds to the specified parameter
  • Sometimes the foliage could be designated as a solid surface and this could be used as a platform for building blocks
  • Polygons of the dragon had the wrong position and it broke the texture of the body
  • Fixed bug related to incorrect positions for pillagers spawning
  • Berry bushes for unknown reasons slowed mobs and players if you go through it
  • Fixed a bug that gave acceleration after passing through the web

Minecraft 1.15.0 Android, PC Download

Download Minecraft apk
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