Download Minecraft 1.15 PC Java Edition

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Download Minecraft 1.15 PC Java EditionA huge update for Minecraft Java Edition is now available for download on PC. The 1.15 version is full of new gameplay features, for example it contains The Buzzy Bees Update, honey blocks, honeycombs, vanilla balance changes, graphical performance improvements, bug fixes and more.

According to the developers of Mojang Team, this version will contain the biggest update “The Buzzy Bees” in the history of the game, because the players are very responsive and the developers understand in what direction to move on. The new update for Minecraft 1.15 is implemented in stages and in small parts, because the bug report is full of a huge number of errors. These errors occur due to the large amount of vanilla content in the game.

The game is filled with different mobs, blocks, game mechanics, graphics component, but the community creates a huge number of additional modifications and maps because the game developers with each update add advanced features for the engine code. For some redstone blocks have expanded the features of interaction with other blocks. Now you can create complex mechanisms to make your survival easier in Minecraft 1.15.

Minecraft 1.15 release date

  • This version is in the pre-release phase, followed by a full release
  • Latest version: 1.15 19w44a (November 5, 2019)

Minecraft 1.15 Features

  1. To see the bees, follow in the direction of warm biomes or look for where many flowers have been generated. Nearby should generate a wild bee hive. In winter biomes this will not work and you will need to build a house only in a few places. This is a small minus, but very realistic, because bees hibernate.
  2. Download Minecraft 1.15 PC Java Edition

  3. Use wild and tamed bees for various farming purposes, but the most valuable thing that bees can give you is honey. It contains a lot of energy and it is a good boost.
  4. Download Minecraft 1.15 PC Java Edition

  5. To survive, bees look for flowers to collect nectar. You can lure them to live nearby. Nectar can be collected from other plants, such as the plants from which you harvest!
  6. Download Minecraft 1.15 PC Java Edition

  7. If a bee collects nectar from a yielding plant, then it will grow faster. You can create a vegetable garden near the bee hive to speed up the harvest. Additionally, you can collect honey from the honeycomb, but make sure that it has the last 5 level of progress. You will not be able to get honey if it has a level lower.
  8. Download Minecraft 1.15 PC Java Edition

  9. The developers have added a bit of realistic behavior for the bees and they can sometimes relax. Bees are looking for a more or less safe place and just sit on the ground for a while.
  10. Download Minecraft 1.15 PC Java Edition

  11. To tame a bee in Minecraft 1.15 version you will need to use a flower. If you hold a flower in your hand, then the bees will follow you!
  12. Download Minecraft 1.15 PC Java Edition

  13. If you hit a bee, then the whole swarm will attack you (If there is a hive nearby). Use a fire or jump into the water so they leave you alone.
  14. Download Minecraft 1.15 PC Java Edition

  15. The ravaged bee change its eye color to red and change its behavior, it will have a very high movement speed and will try to sting. After that, the bee will fly away, but the poison from the sting will cause a huge amount of damage.
    Download Minecraft 1.15 PC Java Edition
  16. To craft a hive, use a few blocks of honeycomb and a few pieces of honey.
  17. Download Minecraft 1.15 PC Java Edition

  18. There are many more features for bees and everything related to them, but here’s another small tweak: you can use a lasso on a bee to drag it to another hive or some other place.
  19. Download Minecraft 1.15 PC Java Edition

Minecraft 1.15 PC Changes

Honey Bottles Tweaks

  • To get this, take an empty glass bottle in your hand and click on the bee nest or hive
  • Can be eaten, restores 6 points of hunger
  • Used to remove the effect of poisoning
  • It is an ingredient for crafting a block of honey and sugar
  • You can combine four glass bottles with one block of honey to get 4 bottles of honey at once
  • To save some space, you can now put more than 16 bottles of honey in one inventory slot

Download Minecraft 1.15 PC Java Edition

Iron Golems

  • Now it is possible to repair the iron Golem, use Iron Ingots to do it
  • If the iron Golem has an incomplete supply of health, then it will make sounds of creaking metal
  • Changed the damage balance for the iron Golem. The less points of health has this mob the less damage the enemy will receive

Honey Block

  • You can in Minecraft 1.15 get a 3 pieces of it if you use a scissors on the bee nest
  • It is an ingredient for crafting a honeycomb block and for creating a bee hive
  • This block will significantly slow down your walking and jumping height
  • Honey block completely removes damage from falling in 1.15
  • If this is used in piston mechanisms, then adjacent blocks will also move
  • Different animals try to avoid such blocks and you can use it as a barrier

Download Minecraft 1.15 PC Java Edition

Spectator Mode

  • Now this Minecraft mode is slightly changed to allow the observer to attach the camera to a specific target
  • You can change the view from the first or third person when watching the target
  • To use this mode, enter the following command into the chat: spectate (target) (player)

Gameplay Changes

  • If you put the scissors in the dispenser then it will collect the honeycomb
  • Use the dispenser and empty glass bottles together so that it automatically collects honey or water
  • Slightly changed the mechanics of saving. To set a new respawn location, just go to bed during the day
  • Previously, the bell made a sound when hit by arrows or hit by an item, now it will make a sound if it receives a redstone signal
  • Added a small tweak with a wet sponge, if this is put in the Nether World then it will dry out
  • Added a new decorative block of treated boards, this can be obtained from treated logs
  • Changed the behavior of mobs so they can better determine the location of lava

Minecraft 1.15 Overview

Minecraft 1.15 Download


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