Download Minecraft PE, Beta MOD Village & Pillage

Download Minecraft PE, Beta MOD Village & Pillage
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Download Minecraft PE, Beta MOD Village & Pillage
In Minecraft PE Beta you can test all the new features that will be added to the Grand Village and Pillage Update. It is enough to have a phone or tablet with android or ios, and MCPE Beta version can be downloaded to Windows 10.

The developers from Mojang continue to add interesting innovations to Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Pandas, Cats, but most importantly it is a new Village & Villagers update!

Minecraft Changes

  • Pandas
  • Bamboo
  • Scaffolding

A long time in Minecraft game did not add peace-loving animals, but this update will fix it: added pandas. Now you can see living in bamboo thickets cute and kind pandas.

Download Minecraft PE, Beta MOD Village & Pillage
Download Minecraft PE, Beta MOD Village & Pillage
However, the thickets themselves in Minecraft yet, and bamboo can only be found in chests scattered around the world, which is good, but it can be made such a useful thing as scaffolding — climb up has become easier and faster than it was before.
Download Minecraft PE, Beta MOD Village & Pillage
Break such a “tower” is also easier, because it breaks like cacti: destroying the lower block, break all the higher blocks.

Cats in Minecraft

The village residents is also slightly edited, like cats, along with ocelots. The latter can no longer be tamed, you can only earn trust by giving them your fish. However, it is now possible to tame stray cats, which will be spawn in the villages: now they play the role of ocelots, and find them in the villagers — a common phenomenon.
Download Minecraft PE, Beta MOD Village & Pillage

Download Minecraft PE, Beta MOD Village & Pillage
Another important change is that the phantoms will avoid your cute cats in every way. This is another reason to have a little furry friend.

Gamerules in Minecraft

Gamerule command has also changed: some rules can now be changed without enabling cheats, and as you remember, cheats disable achievements in the world forever. List of commands that can be changed:

  • show coordinates
  • dofiretick
  • tnt explodes
  • domobloot
  • naturalregeneration
  • dotiledrops
  • pvp.

By the way, a number gamerule settings have expanded randomTickSpeed — the new value.

New Addons in Minecraft

Mojang rarely updates the add-on features, but this time the mods will get their changes: there will be opportunities to create mobs with their own model, animation and particles. Particles, by the way, can be made separately.
Download Minecraft PE, Beta MOD Village & Pillage

Minor changes in Minecraft

  • Tropical fish has increased in size
  • A skeleton horse or a zombie horse can get out of the horse spawn egg
  • Skins in the store became more
  • A link to the content from the game store can be sent directly from the game by clicking the Share button located there.

Bugfixes in Minecraft

Fixed a lot of bugs that were in Minecraft 1.7.0 hence the stability of the game has improved. Play became more pleasant. Aquatic Update

Developer Tweets

Just note that the first version will include several new features, and not all at once.

Next, we are waiting for a huge number of updates, when developers will fully carry all the necessary functions, mobs, items and other graphic design.



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