Download Minecraft PE, v1.13.0.34 Apk, iOS

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Download Minecraft PE, v1.13.0.34 Apk, iOSA new beta version of Minecraft PE has been released. It contains a large list of changes for the main Android features of the game as well as changes and fixes for the behavior of mobs, fixes some recipes of items and several improvements for the VR mods.

Minecraft PE Features

Performance improvements and Changes

  • Fixed a several global crashes that could occur while playing Minecraft PE on the Android
  • Fixed the problem with downloading the application on Android devices
  • Fixed a bug related to interaction with user objects
  • Changed the Minecraft code that responsible for the activity in sleep mode on Android device
  • After installing and activating the new texture pack a game will not slow down and lag
  • Fixed a bug related to slow loading of the app on Android and sometimes it displayed inability to download the Minecraft app.

Download Minecraft PE, v1.13.0.34 Apk, iOS

Fixes for all Platforms

  • For the VR device owners or with the Minecraft VR mods will be fixed a bug related to the HUD distortion if you go to sleep mode and return back to the game
  • Changed the code for the marketplace to work correctly during the crashes
  • You will no longer receive the notifications when the controller is misconfigured.

Download Minecraft PE, v1.13.0.34 Apk, iOS

Changes in the Gameplay

  • Added repeat for crafting recipes of weapons, armor and tools in the recipe book
  • Fixed a bug where mobs could drop the experience points without death
  • Now blocks in Minecraft PE will destroyer correctly when landing on a boat or holding a crossbow in an active slot
  • Changed the balance associated with the drop of intact items or weapons
  • Small fix the physics of arrows. If you shoot into the ground, the arrows will not fly up
  • Fixed problem with generation of leaves at the ends of the tree branches
  • You will no longer be able to push the activated TNT block.

Download Minecraft PE, v1.13.0.34 Apk, iOS

Changes the behavior of the mobs

  • If you move on the boat then the dolphins will follow you
  • Fish and dolphins no longer slow down with the player’s inheritance on the boat
  • Added a new Minecraft texture for the fishing float. Now it is more realistic and understandable for the anglers
  • The elytra had some bugs in the display of the left wing. Now it is fixed and works correctly.

Download Minecraft PE, v1.13.0.34 Apk, iOS

Changes and improvements in graphics

  • Now you will see in the Minecraft on Android a more realistic switching of items and when to change the camera from the first person to the third
  • During the game in VR mod could disappear right hand. This is now fixed
  • The area of the creation of the new world had a large invisible region and it could irritate or miss clicked.

Download Minecraft PE Android


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