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Download Minecraft v1.13.1 ApkThe release of the full version for Minecraft PE (Bedrock), this update contains several features for the 1.13.1 version and it is available for iOS, Android, Windows 10 and all other platforms. Basically, it contains changes to the character editor and a lot of changes to the game engine.

Minecraft 1.13.1 release date

  • This is a small patch for MCPE 1.13 and it should fix all the issues from the previous update.
  • Latest version: (November 13, 2019)

Minecraft 1.13.1 Features

  1. In some cases, chests could appear as invisible. The same feature had other blocks, but the developers found this bug and it should no longer make invisible to some blocks.
  2. Download Minecraft v1.13.1 Apk

  3. When you teleport to the Nether World, it moved you to random places, but now if you enter the portal in a certain place then you will also exit the portal in only one place in the Nether World.
  4. Download Minecraft v1.13.1 Apk

  5. Added some variables to implement realistic bobbing movement. This feature will fully work only in the next update.
  6. Download Minecraft v1.13.1 Apk

  7. When you import a custom skin, in some cases the elytra may have blocked access or may not be visible at all.
  8. Download Minecraft v1.13.1 Apk

  9. Added the ability to use the Founder’s Cape for players who use custom skin. This cloak was only available for developers, but now anyone can use it.
  10. Download Minecraft v1.13.1 Apk

  11. Added limiter for some custom skins. If you play on a multiplayer server and use banned skins, then you will not be able to share it with other players.

Download Minecraft v1.13.1 Apk

Minecraft 1.13.1 Android, iOS Changes

Game Usability

  • Fixed a legendary bug that could happen during the game for unknown reasons
  • When there is a connection to the Realms, in some cases it could be interrupted, but it is successfully corrected
  • Fixed a bug that is associated with the connection to the selected servers
  • Fixed sprites for lingering potions and it will no longer crash the game

User Interface Changes

  • Fixed interface bug when Closed Realms was displayed in Create on Realms menu
  • Japanese and Korean characters are now displayed correctly in the language setting menu
  • Updated the How to Play MCPE v1.13.1 menu regarding Raids, Host and Player Options and about taming cats

Graphical improvements

  • While sleeping on the bed, the player could become invisible, now his 3D model will be displayed correctly
  • Added a new animation of paddling on the boat, it is somewhat similar to the Java Edition version, also added a new animation to stop paddling on the boat
  • Changed arrow render on the armor stands
  • Slightly changed melee attack animation, now it has more realism
  • Fixed a rendering bug where multiple blocks had black color if it is moved by pistons

Game Changes

  • Added in Minecraft v1.13.1 the enchanted blue shield for The Wither
  • If you try to cure Zombie Villagers then they will keep their level of trade
  • All small fish will drop XP when you kill it
  • Mobs will no longer react to unlit campfires and their pathfinding behavior will be standard
  • Fixed a bug with zombies getting stuck in the door and now if you play Dungeons mode it will make the passage a little more difficult
  • Changed behavior for dolphins and they will now accompany the boat

Minecraft PE v1.13.1 Overview

Download Minecraft v1.13.1 apk

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